• Get to Know Cachaca — Make Cozinha Latina’s Brazilian-Style Cuba Libre

    Brett Helms is no stranger to pairing drinks to exotic cuisines. The former head bartender at spicy Thai specialist Uncle Boons traded the flavors of Bangkok for Brazil with Cozinha Latina (37 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn; 347-889-7739), where cachaça is the spirit of choice for his fun, easygoing drinks. The national distillate of Brazil appears in several […]

  • Talking to Strangers: Mexican Coke on the Upper East Side

    Recently, EfV was forced on a long trek to the Upper East Side to run an annoying errand. When our work there was done, we were relieved to spot a cozy looking lunchcounter spot called The Burger One on Lexington. Enticed by a hand-written sign out front, we went for a carnitas taco, rather than […]