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    With Fashion Week coming up, every fashionista needs a few new looks to show off at Bryant Park. But we all know that the pages of Vogue and Elle don’t carry the most affordable options. So what’s the next best thing? Not Forever 21. This weekend, the Manhattan Vintage Clothing and Antique Textile Show and […]

  • Avatar’s Sticker Shock (and Awe)

    The money is on the screen in Avatar, James Cameron’s mega-3-D, mondo-CGI, more-than-a-quarter-billion-dollar baby, and, like the Hope Diamond waved in front of your nose, the bling is almost blinding. For the first 45 minutes, I’m thinking: Metropolis!—and wondering how to amend ballots already cast in polls of the year’s best movies. Then the 3-D […]

  • ‘Basic NYC Presents Jeff Mills’ Saturday, October 17

    Before “minimal” meant German plink-plonk, it meant Mills: Stripped-down, cold, hard, and relentless. He first gained notoriety with his sets as the Wizard on the Electrifying Mojo radio show and as part of Detroit’s legendary Underground Resistance, going on to found Axis Records, and seal his legend status at Tresor and the Limelight. He’s produced […]

  • Janelle Monáe, Space Cowgirl

    “Like a dancing robot trying to do the Human,” is one of the myriad flailing ways I have attempted to describe the mesmerizing stage presence of stellar/interstellar r&b atom-bomb Janelle Monáe, a stupendously bombastic singer/songwriter/crowd-surfer with whom, as readers of the Voice‘s online entity are no doubt aware, I have become obsessed. Right now, she […]

  • Janelle, Erykah, and Santogold Are the Afro-Techno Revolution

    ‘I’m an alien from outer space/I’m a cybergirl without a face, a heart, or a mind/A product of the man, I’m a product of the man,” declares Janelle Monáe poignantly on Metropolis: The Chase Suite, her brief but striking concept album about love on the run in 2719. Her music—alongside that of fellow slaves to […]


    Set in a nightmarish urban dystopia in 2027, Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent masterpiece Metropolis invented the science-fiction-film genre and revolutionized cinema with sets and special effects that made it the most expensive film of its era. Over the years, it’s also inspired countless musical scores, some more bizarre than others (an ’80s pop version with […]

  • Back to the Future

    Easily trouncing the recent Hollywood heat rash of over-extended superheroes and Hasbro infomercials, this summer’s most satisfying sci-fi blockbuster is a crypto-Marxist, proto-Fascist spectacle first released 80 years ago: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the legendary art deco futuro- fable of industrialist excess, proletarian rebellion, and robot romance, one of the last big-budget exhilarations of the pre-talkie […]

  • Old-Fashioned Amenities

    Pick Hits BELL ORCHESTRE Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light (Rough Trade) More Sufjan Stevens or Bang on a Can than Tortoise or Juan McLean, this chamber-pop quintet with Arcade Fire connections varies its cunningly sequenced, gratifyingly brief instrumental tracks with such old-fashioned amenities as textured melodies, pleasing dynamic shifts, and passages that, […]

  • Black and Blue and Red

    In the Birthday Massacre’s “Happy Birthday”—it’s the Song That Mentions the Band’s Name in the Lyrics—lead singer Chibi goes with her friend to a birthday party. In the CD booklet Chibi’s wearing a black schoolgirly uniform, but to the party she wears her “black-and-white dress.” Chibi and her friend brutally kill everyone at the party, […]

  • Music

    Maybe it’s just my imagination or my warming up to the genre’s shtick over time, but I swear that all those industrial/electronic body muzik/ darkwave creeps don’t try nearly as hard and stupidly to sound “decadent” and “transgressive” as they used to back in their puppy-skinning Wax Trax late ’80s. Somewhere along the line, they […]