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  • The Expendables 3 Refuses to Be Expendable or Especially Interesting

    Titles don’t get more ironic than The Expendables 3. The franchise claims to be about death-seeking mercenaries yet stars ’80s action heroes, who refuse to die. Three films in, everyone in the sprawling team is still alive and ass kicking, save for Bruce Willis, whose million-dollar-a-day asking salary has caused his replacement Harrison Ford to […]

  • Son of God is a Chintzy Melodrama About the Horrors of Capital Punishment

    When we first meet the hero of Son of God, a kind of chintzy melodrama about the horrors of capital punishment, he’s approaching a fisherman with a classic boiler-room pitch: “Just give me an hour, and I will give you a whole new life,” Jesus (Diogo Morgado) promises Peter (Darwin Shaw), this messiah’s self-amused look […]

  • Two October Film Series Take on Life in the Last Days

    The Mayan apocalypse isn’t forecast to hit until December 21, 2012, so BAM’s four-day, five-film apocalypse movie retrospective might seem premature—but really, when hasn’t the end been nigh? In movies, the nuclear scare was a scenarist’s jackpot, but doomsday cinema predates the Bikini Atoll. As early as 1916, a Danish film called Verdens Undergang (The […]

  • Help! Show Biz Careers Can’t Be Killed Anymore!

    Once upon a time, scandal equaled death, but that was then; show-biz careers have become as unkillable as franchise films, reality shows, and the Olive Garden. There are so many entertainment outlets available today that there’s room for even the most disgraced stars to resurface, no matter how hard they’ve tried to wreck their own […]

  • The Three Stooges: The Movie

    For Bobby and Peter Farrelly, the low-comic connoisseurs whose brand name-establishing debut was 1994’s Dumb and Dumber, this antic, dozen-years-in-the-making Three Stooges feature must be a labor of love tantamount to Mel Gibson filming his Passion. The Holy Trinity of knockabout numbskull comedy—fritz-haloed Larry, yipping lummox Curly, and bowl-cut fascist Moe—are introduced as they’re ditched […]

  • Mel Gibson Runs Off At The Mouth On Camera Too!

    In his new memoir, TV/movie icon James Garner remembers making the 1994 movie Maverick with the esteemed Mel Gibson. Writes Garner: “Mel and I got along fine. “I didn’t know that he hates Jews and everybody else. ] “I didn’t know he was drinking either, because he hid it pretty good. “But when I came […]

  • So How Did The Beaver Do?

    Mel Gibson disgraced himself last year with all those foul rants, which didn’t exactly endear him to the moviegoing public. The more he fulminated, the more his comeback vehicle, The Beaver, seemed like a miracle vehicle as far as its chances to make Mel loved again. And sure enough, due to a combination of the […]

  • Mel Gibson Is Crazy (in The Beaver)

    An earnest, intermittently droll dramedy about a manic-depressive toy manufacturer and his bewildered family, The Beaver is a parable that’s not easily parsed. While director Jodie Foster fails to maintain a consistent tone—could there be such a thing as inspirational satire?—the movie’s lopsided wobble is undeniably enhanced by her star, Mel Gibson—or at least by […]

  • The Biggest Douches of the Year

    1) Mel Gibson. Mel’s onslaught of hate was horrific, though it actually did his career credibility some good when it got him bumped from The Hangover II. 2) Carl Paladino. He’s still pulling his foot out of his ass over those gay remarks–but not that quickly. ] 3) Charlie Sheen. His stay at the Plaza […]

  • Michael Musto’s Year in Review

    In a year fraught with social and economic turmoil, our country rallied under the powerful guidance of our leader, who inspired us, fought oppresson, changed minds, and switched outfts. I’m talking about Lady Gaga, who continued to celebrate the rights of the outcasts and almost got “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repealed singlehandedly, also using her […]

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