Jennifer Yee ‘In’ at SHO; Dave Martin ‘In’ at The Meatball Factory

SHO Shaun Hergatt has a new pastry chef. Jennifer Yee, who has worked at Aureole and the Breslin, has already put her touch on the dessert menu.
[Zagat Buzz]

Scott Conant has denied that he will bring his Vegas D.O.C.G. concept to New York. If anything, he is looking into opening a fine-dining spot.
[Grub Street]

Dying to catch a glimpse of René Redzepi of the famed Copenhagen restaurant Noma? He’ll be cooking at the Union Square Greenmarket this Saturday.
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Top Chef alum Dave Martin, formerly of Vynl and the Frying Dutchmen truck, can now be found at the Meatball Factory in the East Village. (Not to be confused with the popular Meatball Shop.)

Top New York chefs Scott Conant, John DeLucie, and David Burke are heading down to cook at the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival this weekend.
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JoeDoe’s Joe Dobias and his wife, Jill Schulster, are opening a sandwich shop this fall, not far from their restaurant.
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Donatella Arpaia To Slap Her Magnificent Meatballs Onto Her Awesome Pie

Like some tall, blond mad genius, Donatella Arpaia is about to unveil a creation that is sure to make you salivate.

Our Man Sietsema fell easily for her pizza, deeming it “fantastic.” And her meatballs spoke for themselves at last year’s Meatball Madness event at the New York Wine & Food Festival, where she took first prize. So, it should go without saying that our expectations for her new Polpette pizza at her eponymous Chelsea restaurant are pretty freaking high. The pie is topped with San Marzano tomatoes, caciocavallo cheese, pecorino, basil, and the much-ballyhooed tomato-braised veal orbs. Expect it to show up on the menu sometime next month, when you’ll hear us cackle, “It’s alive!” (Evil laugh.)


Faicco’s Pork Store Offers Hot Heroes

The meatball parm hero now being served at Faicco’s is an Italian-American classic.

A holdout in one of Manhattan’s last remaining Little Italys, Faicco’s Pork Store has been an anchor of Greenwich Village’s Bleecker Street since 1966. The fully stocked store is famous for its homemade soppressata (a large-bore Apulian salami, hot or sweet), made-to-order hero sandwiches, homemade mozzarella (the best in the city — plain, lightly salted, or smoked), and, of course, raw pork products.


Until recently, though, the heroes were all made with cold cuts that ran from imported prosciutto and mortadella to American baked ham and rare roast beef. Now, hot heroes have been added to the repertoire, from a changing roster that can include a chicken parmesan hero, meatball hero, and novel chicken cutlet with mozzarella and pesto.

Note that the “parmesan” in “meatball parm” doesn’t refer to the cheese, but to the northern Italian city of Parma, where apparently cooks are fond of smothering things in melted cheese and tomato sauce.

The meatball parmesan hero at Faicco’s is a paragon of its type, with big meatballs cut in halves, a modest amount of gooey melting white cheese, and a zesty tomato sauce. The cost: $9, for a sandwich that feeds two at lunch with normal appetites or a good view of their own waistlines.

A line of heroes stands by the meat slicers, making heroes.


Moms Fail Health Department Standards on Packed Lunches; Restaurants Are Shrinking

Gordon Ramsay is trying to revive his struggling restaurant empire in the U.S. with a deal with Caesars in Vegas to launch three restaurants.
[NY Post]

A look at the lineup for the food-truck lot in Queens: Kimchi Taco, Taïm, and Andy’s Italian Ices one day; Eddie’s Pizza, Desi Food, and Cupcake Stop the next.
[Wall Street Journal]

And what letter grade might Mom get for little Jimmy’s lunch? Not an A, according to a recent study. Preschoolers’ packed lunches were found to be unsafe.

Is the meatball craze just a food trend, or have we all gone orb-crazy due to some perverse fixation on ball-shaped foods?

Lobster numbers started dying off in Long Island Sound about 12 years ago due to global warming and pesticides, leaving the remaining lobstermen wistful.
[NY Times]

British sandwich chain Pret A Manger is enjoying its share of success in the U.S., thanks in large part to friendly, quick service.
[NY Times]

As restaurateurs find it harder and harder to fill big spaces in this difficult economy, restaurants in New York are shrinking in size.
[Wall Street Journal]

Outlets like the AP and The New York Times are getting the facts wrong about the laws surrounding salmonella or leaving out important information.
[Food Safety News]