Tag: Max Johnson

  • Vinnie Golia

    The West Coast wizard doesn’t come to town often enough, but this visit for a Roulette Jazz Composer Series show finds him playing one of the most intimate rooms in BK, this time stressing his horn, not his pen. With a rollicking rhythm section of drummer Weasel Walter and bassist Max Johnson keeping the chatter […]

  • Vinny Golia, Max Johnson, and Weasel Walter

    West Coast saxophone giant Vinny Golia should make an imposing appearance during the final night of bassist Max Johnson and drummer Weasel Walter’s residency at this Gowanus studio. A prolific multi-instrumentalist, Golia overflows with well-conceived ideas both inside and outside genre, and his high-energy hosts should rise to the occasion during this free-improv ruckus. Steve […]

  • Back to School With the Butthole Surfers

    Gibby Haynes is 50, but he’s still off the wall like he was in the ’80s, when he and the rest of his Butthole Surfers were passing off hallucinogenic-fueled performance-art shows as “music” for the likes of a young, impressionable Daniel Johnston and other Austin freaks looking to get their psych on outside of cosmic […]