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    Last year, organizers of Bonnaroo and Outside Lands had a grand idea: produce a festival in our favorite borough (Brooklyn) that combines people’s love of great music and delicious food. The result was the Great GoogaMooga, a fun event—except for the long lines and food shortages that resulted in unhappy people and ticket refunds for […]

  • Matt & Kim

    Matt & Kim, the Voice‘s New Year’s Eve Guide cover stars, didn’t reveal their resolutions in the following interview. But if they were to announce from the stage at Hammerstein that their relentless positivity had been pharmacologically rendered and packaged as an IV drip (“Available at the merch table in 500ml bags!”) we could all […]

  • NYE Guide: Memories from Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim

    Once you’ve been around for a little while, it gets harder and harder to get excited about things, especially New Year’s Eve. And when it comes to music, it’s easy to feel like you’re surrounded on all sides by mountains of dance trash you rummaged through as a teenager. But this is no time for […]

  • Weezer

    For now, at least, Rivers Cuomo’s Harvard degree is as far behind him as his need for self-titled albums (so, hopefully, permanently). He and the boys have proven extra savvy in the marketing world, with dribs and drabs of info leaking out about their new album in print, online, and in concert. As of now, […]


    Brooklyn happy-rock power-couple Matt and Kim have lately been all about bad-ass gestures: streaking through Times Square, pretending to fall off the Williamsburg Bridge for press photos, engaging in onstage banter about vaginas. But at heart, they’re still two immensely likable punk-rock kids in love with each other and life and, most especially, you. And […]

  • Matt and Kim Fight Cute, Fail Miserably

    Matt and Kim put a coffee-stained envelope addressed to their Grand Street apartment on the cover of their first EP, To/From. But then, high school kids started mailing the Brooklyn couple unchaste letters—dirty fantasies involving them. Together. Intimately. “It was kind of creepy,” admits Kim. Newer prints of the EP safely reroute correspondences to an […]

  • Todd P + Panache Big Halloween Bash

    Party with scenesters in a beautiful, old warehouse at this all-ages rock show, featuring Matt and Kim, DMBQ, and Ponytail. Fri., Oct. 31, 8 p.m., 2008

  • Voicebox 24: Noise From The Front

      “Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?” — Ernest Gaines Matt & Kim “It’s A Fact (Printed Stained),” from Matt & Kim (iheartcomix, 2006) [From music listings for Friday, June 22] Third World “Now That We’ve Found Love,” from The Best of […]

  • SXSW Preview Hoedown

    Earl Greyhound Those who fall for this bone-crushing atomic-power trio tend to fall pretty hard. The New Yorker called Ricc Sheridan “the most exciting drummer in New York.” And no less an authority than The Village Voice recently raved: “Not only is (bassist-vocalist Kamara) Thomas beautiful, but she howls exquisitely,” en route to declaring EG […]

  • Their Love Could Be Your Life

    In a music scene where faux nostalgia seems to be the order of the day, Matt and Kim are the real retro deal. While their upbeat dancepop is modern, their ethic is straight outta the early ’80s. They tour constantly, eschew clubs for warehouses and basements, and even encourage crowd surfing. While every unsigned MySpace […]