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  • Matt Damon Wades Through Cosmic Slop in The Adjustment Bureau

    Written, directed, and co-produced by George Nolfi (a neophyte helmer whose writing credits include The Bourne Ultimatum and Ocean’s Twelve), The Adjustment Bureau inflates an early Philip K. Dick story with a typically paranoid conceit—our lives are secretly micromanaged by a supernatural bureaucracy of “adjustors”—into a cosmological white-collar-thriller-cum-steroidal-rom-com, with Matt Damon as an idealistic young […]

  • Matt Damon’s WMD of a Movie, Green Zone

    Better late than never—a bang-bang pulse-pounder predicated on the Bush administration’s deliberate fabrication of WMD in Iraq. Paul Greengrass’s expertly assembled Green Zone has evidently been parked for some time on Universal’s shelf. Had the movie been released during the 2008 election season, it might have been something more than entertainment. Still, Green Zone, which […]

  • Big River Man More Grizzly Man Than Superman

    This doc is not a colorful geezer story, though its first half-hour is shaped like one. The fiftysomething Slovenian marathon swimmer Martin Strel has a boxer’s broken nose, a massive wine belly, and a compulsory grin that breaks out whenever a camera heaves into view, preferably with a corporate sponsor bringing up the rear. Strel […]

  • Everyone Swore They Were Gay, But They’re Not!

    This is an easy one. ] Matt Damon Ben Affleck Leonardo DiCaprio The boy in Tea and Sympathy Anyone else?

  • Michael Douglas Does It With Matt Damon in Liberace Pic

    If I wanted to see an Oscar winner make out with a nominee, it would probably be Kathy Bates and Jake Gyllenhaal, but I’ll settle for Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, who will be locking lips in Steven Soderbergh‘s upcoming biopic about flaming pianist Liberace and his boyfriend the sewer (I mean the suer), Scott […]

  • Who Seems Gay, But Isn’t?

    Come on, put on your lavender thinking caps and tell me which celeb you always thought was a sister, but it turns out he or she isn’t. And conversely, let’s hear which celeb did you NOT think was gay in a million queer years, but he/she turned out to be gayer than Richard Simmons! I’ll […]

  • Love is Making Out After You’ve Blown a Load

    Q. I’m 19, female, bisexual, and have been with the same guy for a year, and things are great. I came home for Christmas and he went to his parents’ house, and I’ll see him in a few weeks. For Christmas, my mom got me some typical “mom” gifts—socks and underwear—but the panties had Disney […]

  • Like Herding Sheep

    It took Norman Mailer seven years and 1,282 pages to write 1991’s Harlot’s Ghost: A Novel of the CIA, and if memory serves, it took me 12 years to actually finish it. So director Robert De Niro and screenwriter Eric Roth can be forgiven for taking two hours and 40 minutes to tell The Good […]

  • Bait and Switch

    No studio director was a greater hero to the Hong Kong new wave than Martin Scorsese. John Woo dedicated The Killer to him; Wong Kar-wai modeled his first feature, As Tears Go By, after Mean Streets; Taxi Driver‘s rain-slicked slo-mo urban stylistics worked their way into countless lesser HK films. With The Departed, Scorsese returns […]

  • Lore Brothers

    Either you’re a schnook for what we can call the Nicholas Meyer Conceit—pace The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, ironically commingling historical and fictional characters in period pulp—or you’re not. Call it creative irreverence for Western-culture sacred cows. I’m the only earthling besides Lem Dobbs’s mother who still likes Kafka, and for me Terry Gilliam’s new windup toy […]