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  • Red Fang+Big Business+American Sharks

    At this point, Portland’s Red Fang are psych-metal veterans. In less than a decade they’ve signed to the biggest names in the genre (Sargent House, Relapse Records) and they’ve toured with the likes of Helmet, Black Tusk and Mastodon all around the world. If you’re looking for a stoner metal band to name drop without […]

  • Bison B.C.

    Over the past four years or so, Bison B.C. have found an unusual balance between the chunky, plodding depression of stoner metal and the swift urgency of hardcore. On each of the slow burners on their latest record, Dark Ages, they unravel beefy riffs that are as dirty and unkempt as the band member themselves. […]

  • Cable

    Tonight, sludgy hardcore stalwarts Cable celebrate the 10th anniversary and attendant re-release of their 2001 paean to drugs ‘n’ booze, Northern Failures. The band’s swaggering southern-rock riffs (oddly, they’re from Connecticut), whiskey-soaked vocals, and heavy-footed drum stomp are audibly the inspiration—at least partially—for mega-stoner-metal bands such as Mastodon and High on Fire, though Cable only […]

  • Pelican’s Sketchy Metal

    “Everything popular is wrong,” Oscar Wilde once declared. “If I was making my movies for critics, I’d be living in some small Hollywood apartment somewhere,” retorted Jerry Bruckheimer. A bizarre triangulation of that divide—a shameless glitz-and-tits approach to faux-anthemic blockbuster melodrama masquerading as elite-approved Art for Art’s Sake—plagues “metal” these days, as decidedly “un-metal” folks […]

  • Mastodon+Converge+High On Fire

    After plunging the deep seas (and the tomes of Moby Dick) and climbing the Blood Mountain, Mastodon’s most recent cosmic exploration, Crack the Skye, just may have surpassed its own dense and epic bar of forward-thinking post-metal. Better vocals make the already dexterous riffage that much more juicy. And what a bill: The badass proto-black/enduro-stoner […]


    Despite costly rock expenditures like synthesizer breaks, Rush-like vocals, and 11-minute jams about Rasputin, tonight’s headliner, Peach State prog-metal quartet Mastodon, is proving itself recession-proof. Although the scruffy Atlanta band started off the decade sounding like a ferocious re-imagining of classic Metallica, they have attracted a wider fanbase with their artier leanings and TMZ-worthy brawls […]

  • Tombs

    Brooklyn’s Tombs drop their much anticipated debut Winterhours on Relapse Records this week. The killer sophomore album melds dissonant hardcore noise à la Unsane and Converge, post-rocked metal in the vein of Mastodon and Baroness, and epic atmospheric doom such as Yob and Pelican. Fittingly, they hit the road opening for Pelican next week. Tonight’s […]

  • Cursive

    In the years since Omaha indie-rockers Cursive released their 2006 album Happy Hollow, they’ve toured in support of heavy-metallers Mastodon, released a remix EP, and otherwise mostly laid low. The group has reportedly finished recording their next album, making this tour somewhat of a victory lap. Given the exuberant angst frontman Tim Kasher pours into […]

  • The Weight

    The word epic comes up often when discussing Oakland metalheads High on Fire, referencing both the guitar riffs pounding you into submission and—like their foremost influence, Celtic Frost—an esoteric literary influence that avoids venturing into Mastodon territory. And though, by the time you’ve plowed through enough of Death Is This Communion to reach singer-guitarist Matt […]

  • Reasons to Be Cheerful (Just Three)

    Burial, #89 albumphoto: Georgina Cook Discussed: Mastadon, Blood Mountain, #44 Boris, Pink, #76 Burial, #89 Wolf Eyes, Human Animal, #297 This year it felt like everyone I knew—people of widely divergent musical persuasions—were for once strangely united. We thought 2006 was a lousy year for music, with no new movements or developments, genres stagnant or […]