Tag: Mary J. Blige

  • Easy Money

    Inevitably, a few fools will argue that the youth marketers’ project of excising all meaning from their product is long overdue. But it can’t be done. In a pop of easy money and disposable delight, there will always be wise guys sticking some ideas in just to make things even more fun. And some of […]

  • Naked, Famous, Increasingly Fond of Murder Songs

    No pop star is as aptly nicknamed as Tricky—not Ol’ Dirty Bastard, not Flea, not even p. When a pop star like Will Smith or Mary J. Blige drops a sample, their purposes are transparent. They filch riffs from old-school tunes to give you that nostalgic déjà vu all over again. At worst, what they […]

  • Over that Hill

    With its busy drum programming, ecstatic background choir, girl-group vocalese, old-school scratching, and intricate rhymes, wrapped up in a swing so loose-limbed its knuckles sweep the ground, the single “All That I Can Say” is the most technically impressive and intellectually realized song on Mary J. Blige’s new album, Mary. It’s also the most alienating […]

  • Of Course

    Rolling Stone‘s “Women of Rock” issue is positively Neanderthal. In the 28 profiles, six of the women are in sexual poses or settings: Shirley Manson grabs her crotch, Sheryl Crow is topless, Ruth Brown and Mary J. Blige sit on beds, Ronnie Spector and Ani DiFranco lie down. Only Melissa Etheridge is shown playing an […]

  • Consumer Guide

    Here’s a statistic for you–the word jazz is employed to describe six of this month’s 13 specially recommended albums. To a certain extent this is fallout from my Miles column. But it’s also the diligent listener’s response to the new instrumental order crystallized by techno. ARCANA: Arc of the Testimony (Axiom/Island) Expecting some avant-ambient acid […]