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  • Hiphop Nation: What It Is

    A gift to be swift follow the leader the rhyme will go… Everybody has an opinion. MARLEY MARL: I think Eric B. went over the board, I think he went outra­geous with “You Gotta Have Soul.” He took the name of the record, the drum sounds, everything. I mean, he should have just given them […]

  • Garridge’s Sri Chinmoy Brushes Dirt Off Shoulder, Opines at Local Pub

    Wiley Kat is part Marley Marl, part Lil Jon, part Maurice Starr. He surrounds himself with the grime garage all-stars, branded his own sound (“eski” or “eskimo”), and mentored the biggest star to come up from the muck: Dizzee Rascal. (Oh, now you’re interested.) So when it was announced he’d follow Dizzee to XL, the […]

  • Is That All There Is?

    Dosh starts his LP with a great dance beat—a hopped-up Marley Marl—while surrounding the beat with soundscape mood music. So the rhythm is in the music without being the rhythm of the music. The drums then echo into a thousand different pieces (so rhythm is optional). No matter what sound Dosh puts into his ‘scape—machine-gun […]