Tag: Marlboro Cigarettes

  • The Swipe File

    If you once sent Easyriders magazine a snapshot of your old lady astride your hog (a pre-Internet way to pimp both your rides), don’t be surprised to see her on the Guggenheim’s curvaceous walls. Richard Prince’s rotunda-filling retrospective includes paintings, sculptures, off-kilter gag panels, and his early-’90s series of workaday beauties rephotographed from the motorcycle […]

  • Smoke Gets in Your Thighs

    On a normal Tuesday, Taimie Hannum, a 33-year-old former Playboy model (“Say I’m 29”) wakes up just before noon, has her nails and toes trimmed, shops for watermelon or microwave pizza, comes home to her Hollywood apartment, and flips on her “spy” webcam, finally ready to perform her labor: She lights up a Marlboro Light […]

  • Urban Legend Reference Pages

    Admittedly, the name Urban Legend Reference Pages doesn’t sound like it promises tons o’ fun, but this myth-busting site, found at www.snopes.com, will fuel your cubicle chatter for ages. The husband-and-wife team behind the site euthanize tall tales, like the ones about the restaurant that served food containing semen from several men, the stray dog […]