Tag: Market Hotel

  • Best Rebirth of a DIY Venue

    When Market Hotel closed after a police department raid in 2010, it was a wake-up call for renowned indie show promoter Todd P; though he had often been the first to book next-big-thing rock acts, Market Hotel’s demise was a harbinger of what was to come for other DIY spaces Todd had helped found, including Monster […]

  • Todd P Celebrates A Decade

    Todd Patrick lives in a tree-lined section of Ridgewood that’s homier than the areas surrounding most L stops. You’ll only reach it if you make the right turns. During a September visit, three older folks sit on his stoop and debate Andy Garcia films. They don’t live there, it turns out, but then, Patrick has […]

  • Prince Rama of Ayodhya

    The Rama are two gals and a guy whose third-eye-opening, cosmic love-ins mix equal parts kitschy keyboard quirk, tribal clitter-clatter folk, and chirpy/cheery vocals. They herald all things New Age with boisterous glee. You get two more chances to catch them locally this week: Thursday at Cake Shop, Friday at Market Hotel. Wed., Oct. 14, […]

  • On the Exhausting Exhilaration of Oneida

    What you oughta know about Oneida, Brooklyn’s finest (and most robustly prolific, extravagantly aliased, and relentlessly propulsive) art-rock band, is that they just put out Rated O, the second in a long-threatened “triptych” of releases, spaced out by a year or so and collectively, informally dubbed “Thank Your Parents.” Rated O is a three-CD set. […]

  • Celebrating the Tentative Dawn of a Brave New Era with Fucked Up

    It is Inauguration Night, and you are jubilant but trepidatious, devout in your joy but still somehow disbelieving, and you’d like to be out among other tentatively celebratory people without necessarily having to talk to them, or even see their faces, really; this moment of flagrant public zeal feels distinctly private. You want to revel […]

  • A Fierce Night in Brooklyn

    Brad Walsh might be considered a modern-day St. Patrick, single-handedly driving the scenesters south of Broadway in Brooklyn this past weekend, if only for one night. (Not that I’m likening scenesters to snakes. Not really.) The DJ/photographer/Junk magazine editor—and current boyfriend of last week’s Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano—invited 200-plus people to his South Slope […]