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  • Film

    XX/XY Written and directed by Austin Chick (IFC, opens April 11, at the Sunshine) It’s 1993, and everybody at Sarah Lawrence is working on their night moves, rubbing through boozy apartments, cabbing to raves, practice-breeding to unpracticed Breeders. In a movie that’s two-thirds flashback (and could have been called Ex, Ex, Ex, Why?), real-life grown-ups […]

  • This Moral Coil

    My column about spending three decades at this post produced, for a change, some friendlier letters from readers. By far the most interesting came from a woman in Winder, Georgia, who took me to task for having any complaints at all about my job, when many Americans don’t live within reach of a professional theater, […]

  • NY Mirror

    A lady named Madonna put on a special concert for me at Roseland and, annoyingly enough, a few thousand other people showed up to watch it. In case they haven’t told you about it by now, i’ll give you that rare invited-guest’s-eye view. Dolce & Gabbana decorated the club as a big glam ranch, with […]

  • What Would the Community Think

    Kenneth Lonergan’s You Can Count on Me, the winner of two of Sundance’s biggest prizes, seems like a TV movie. A well-written, sympathetically acted TV movie, to be sure, but so timid and clumsy in its deployment of picture, sound, and editing that you have to wonder if executive producer Martin Scorsese bothered to give […]