Tag: Marion Cajori

  • Marion Cajori: Art About Art

    Seated at her claustrophobic, makeshift editing suite inside a triangle-shaped building on Eighth Avenue and 13th Street, Marion Cajori spooled through her footage of sculptor Louise Bourgeois, mallet-wielding diva and irascible feminist art icon. “It’s going to be difficult,” Cajori laughed, as the images tripped across the screen of her pre-digital Steenbeck. The year was […]

  • Louise Bourgeois: Tangled Biography

    Perhaps a benefit of its epic gestation—much of the original footage dates back to ’93—Marion Cajori and Amei Wallach’s documentary biography of nonagenarian sculptor Louise Bourgeois nicely distinguishes itself from a current theatrical epidemic of stultifyingly admiring life-of-the-artist docs. Bourgeois, born in France but expatriated to the U.S. before World War II, has tangled with […]

  • Chuck Close

    “I am tired of looking at myself; why do I keep doing self-portraits?” This from Chuck Close at the beginning of Chuck Close: An Elegant Portrait of the Art World’s Leading Portraitist, and it’s a question—and a tension—that keeps great artists toiling their entire lives. Director Marion Cajori began working on this documentary in 1993, […]