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  • The Numbers Station Draws Soulful Performances from John Cusack and Malin Akerman

    A thriller that focuses on only two key characters shouldn’t be hard to explain, yet the plot specifics of the unexciting but sweetly old-fashioned The Numbers Station are hard to nail down. John Cusack stars as Emerson, a CIA hit man suffering a midlife crisis. To give him a rest, the bosses send him to […]

  • Happythankyoumoreplease: A Gently Worthless Script of Emotional Awakening

    Sam (Josh Radnor) lives a slightly slummy version of sitcom-character leisure, his flirtatious lip-pursing in East Village bars financed by his short-fiction sales. (“Freelance writing” is defined herein as a career involving immaculate stubble, vertically stacked paperbacks, and occasional glancing at a laptop.) Sam’s routine is disturbed when he meets a young black child separated […]

  • 27 Dresses

    A forgettable, formulaic comedy so predictable that seeing it and skipping it are the exact same thing. Fox sneak-previewed the movie during the holidays, between the Christmas buzz and New Year’s hangover. Only, like everything else consumed and digested during that time period, 27 Dresses was little more than empty, leaden, stomach-aching calories all but […]

  • Bobby and Peter Farrelly’s The Heartbreak Kid

    More of a re-mix than a re-make of the Elaine May-directed 1972 original, Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s The Heartbreak Kid seeks to rekindle There’s Something About Mary‘s critical and box-office magic by casting Ben Stiller as a newlywed sporting goods salesman and newcomer Malin Akerman (a blonde Diaz ringer with long, loping legs and a […]