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  • The Unbearable Whiteness of Publishing, Pt. 1

    The Unbearable Whiteness of¬†Journalism Ever been to a fire in New York City? Or walked by a firefighters’ demonstration. Anybody who’s ever seen a mass of New York’s bravest can’t help but be struck by a blazing demo¬≠graphic trait shared by the hook-and-ladder crowd: they are overwhelmingly white. How white? According to Charles Mann Associates, […]

  • A New Chain of Magazines

    I’m hearing that everywhere that has Plum TV — which covers style, glamour, and lifestyles — will soon have a Plum magazine, from Aspen to New York and beyond. Resorts and metropolises alike will be greeted with their own Plum magazine, courtesy of Miami Beach publishing titan Jerry Powers. Sounds like a peach of an […]

  • Actor Ben Whishaw is Straight in One Magazine, Gay in Another

    Don’t you hate when a magazine’s angle is that a hetero actor is playing gay, and how very wild that is? Don’t you also find it distasteful when the magazine assumes the actor playing gay IS hetero? And what’s more, when the actor seems to go along with it? Meanwhile, in another magazine, the same […]

  • “The Beaver” Is Changing Its Name!

    The Canadian magazine called The Beaver has finally realized that the word has double meanings. And that if you leave it to Beaver, people might make dirty jokes by the watercooler — or even online. So the esteemed publication is changing its name to Canada’s History, a much safer choice. But as the linked report […]

  • The Conde Nast Crunch Is On

    As you know, Conde Nast publications has brought in McKinsey & Co. analysts to tell them how to trim budgets in order to make things a little less Nast-y in this economic climate. Well, the latest rumor is that they’ve been advised to fold five titles! I pray this isn’t true, since no sane person […]