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  • 2000 Pazz & Jop: Albums While They Last

    Guess who didn’t win the 27th or 28th Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll. C’mon, I’ll even give you a hint. If you were rooting for him, you didn’t give him much chance. But if you regard the motherfucker as the epitome of all that is vicious and/or venal in popular music, you may well have […]

  • Macy Gray

    Who knew that Macy Gray was one of our best contemporary jazz singers? It took no less a force than David Murray to coax her out of the r&b closet and back onstage last year, where between costume changes she appeared to be having a blast vamping about vampires and other creatures of the night. […]

  • David Murray Infinity Quartet

    “Be my Hannibal Lecter/Take a hot piece out of me,” rasps tonight’s featured vocalist, a distressed and vampiric Macy Gray, in the Ishmael Reed-penned title track of the tenor titan’s debut album with his new Infinity Quartet. Marc Cary (piano), Jaribu Shahid (bass), and Nasheet Waits (drums) fill out a formidable lineup that explores gospel, […]

  • Kimya Dawson

    It’s hard to believe that this former bunny-suited Moldy Peaches femme who once asked “Who’s got the crack?” is now a doting mummy with a children’s album called Alphabutt. But Juno-level success can turn anyone straight, and luckily Dawson’s confessional lyricism and Macy Gray ‘fro remain blissfully intact. Watch an all-age crowd sing along at […]

  • Imps of the Perverse

    Both women crouch nearly nude on their album covers, gazing with feral yet somehow fetal reproach at potential consumers, like naughty fairy changelings who’ve had wings snapped off. Similar to Shakespearean sprites, these fey creatures seem a little mean, dangerous to woo. Mya’s Moodring and Macy Gray’s The Trouble With Being Myself are third-album efforts […]

  • Opening Remarks at the CMJ Panel Discussion

    On September 12, everybody said the world would never be the same. Since then, many have tried to take that back. One movie mogul went so far as to explain to the Times that anything anyone said that week couldn’t be taken literally, we were all too wrought up, and that therefore he’d be releasing […]

  • How Life Isn’t Anymore

    It is difficult, in light of September 11, to consider Macy Gray with any degree of seriousness. She explicitly revels in Dionysian pleasures, and her mostly harmless sophomore release, The Id, appeared exactly a week after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Cultural meaning, even on a Macy Gray scale, […]

  • Will You Scrub Me Tomorrow

    Unless you’re regularly tuned in to an urban radio station, it’s possible you’ve never heard of Kandi, the r&b singer. But you’re undoubtedly familiar with Kandi the r&b songwriter—in particular her two most famous creations, TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills.” On Kandi’s first solo album, Hey Kandi . . . , […]

  • ‘Alternative ‘ Soul: Progress in Design?

    Let’s face it. Contemporary r&b has a design problem. Yes Virginia, a mere century or so of incessant use has exhausted core r&b design elements— codified at the turn of the century by traveling minstrel shows and the sheet-music hustlers of Tin Pan Alley. We need a revitalizing change in our entire set of structural […]