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  • White Mexicans, and Other Non-Census

    Dear Mexican: I know Mexicans and pochos can be black, white, Asian, or indios, but I just got my Census form. Figured you’d be the best person to ask about question #9: race. I know I’m not white, (I’ve been pulled over too many times for BS reasons), I’m not black (I haven’t been beaten […]

  • Paraíso Travel Is Paraíso Lost

    Depicting the horrors of illegally crossing the U.S. border so starkly that even Lou Dobbs might shed a tear, Paraíso Travel plays its immigrant song with only one chord. Based on a 2001 novel by Jorge Franco Ramos, who co-wrote the screenplay, Simon Brand’s second film tidily categorizes most of its women characters as whores […]

  • Ask a Mexican: Special Pandemic Edition

    Is it true that most Mexicans are carriers of the swine flu due to the fact that they eat a lot of chicharrones, or is it the fact that your women are so pig-like? I knew that Mexicans have muy shitty diets, but now we have to worry about them infecting us with a pig-borne […]

  • Green Card Negative

    It’s 1992. Lou Dobbs is still just a CNN business-news honcho. He hasn’t gone off to launch space.com or made his re-entry to Ted Turner’s network for his populist anti-immigration phase. But even then, 15 years ago, Dobbs might have gone ballistic if he’d seen what Michelle Lopez was up to. She was an illegal […]

  • Bush the Alien

    Let’s get a couple of things straight about the immigration speech President George W. Bush unreeled Monday night from the Oval Office. His address had nothing to do with actual border policy and everything to do with domestic electoral politics. The real mission of the 6,000 National Guard troops he has called out is to […]