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    Don’t be alarmed if the beautiful 104-year-old, 430-acre Belmont Park looks a little like something out of Pirates of the Caribbean today. Promising parrots and an inflatable Skull Island, Belmont is attracting a new crowd on Sunday afternoons with the wacky-themed Family Fun Days, featuring activities and games such as pony rides, a petting zoo, […]


    If demolition-style monster truck action—replete with high-speed racing and awe-inspiring crashes—is your thing (and whose thing is it not?), the Monster Truck Jam is your event. Among the trucks featured are Grave Digger (the world’s best-known monster truck, driven by famed veteran Dennis Anderson), Blue Thunder, Monster Mutt, and Anger Management. This sport is so […]

  • A Running Diary of Hip-Hop Superfest Rock the Bells

    Ah, the exquisite joys of a sunny Sunday afternoon on the Long Island Rail Road, whereupon we’re toughing out signal-problem delays en route to Jones Beach for Rock the Bells, the annual retro-minded hip-hop extravaganza headlined this year by Nas, Mos Def, Raekwon and Ghostface, and the freshly reunited A Tribe Called Quest. Thumbing through […]

  • WWRTD: Or, What Would Roger Toussaint Do?

    As we surveyed Park Slope residents as they piled into local businesses for some last-minute local Christmas shopping—rather than make that trek it into Manhattan—we couldn’t help but wonder: What Would Roger Toussaint Do? The head of the Transit Workers Union can’t run around town to do his holiday errands either. 1. Toussaint buys a […]

  • Man’s Best Defense

    “These are not normal dogs,” says Tyler Eison, gazing reverently at a litter of seven-week-old pit bull puppies. “I like having very vicious, angry dogs. I’m going to teach them not to like other dogs. I’m going to agitate them, make them aggressive. That way when it’s about business, they are going to be serious.” […]

  • Close-Up on Jamaica

    Portions of this article have been updated. Jamaica, Queens, is located at the End of Where Subways Run. Far from an urban wilderness, the neighborhood spanning the terminal F and E stops is a thriving community. One might assume, especially given the area’s massive population of Afro-Caribbean immigrants, that Jamaica the town was named after […]

  • Noodle Envy

    When a Los Angeles colleague wrote about visiting 40 Thai restaurants in a single week, all in one section of the city, I was frankly jealous. We don’t have anything like that kind of concentration in New York, and it’s often impossible to find the sorts of quirky Thai fare he turned up: grilled mudfish […]

  • Close-Up on Forest Hills, Queens

    Portions of this article have been updated. What do Teddy Roosevelt and Bob Dylan have in common? Both have hung out in Forest Hills. In 1917, the former president gave his “One-hundred percent American” speech from the steps of what is now an LIRR station, and the rock star sang “Desolation Row” at a concert […]

  • Cell-fish

    ROSEMARY ANDRESS Age 28 Resides Manhattan Occupation Director Do you have a cell phone? I don’t right now because I lost it. Do you think they’re annoying? Yes, when they ring in the theater. Now they make an announcement at the top of the show asking audience members to turn their phones off. You see […]

  • Acid-washed genes

    Think the Long Island Rail Road can be scary? You ain’t seen nothin’ till you’ve seen “Hallucinate,” a video-game installation that artist David Shapiro based on a bad high school LSD trip that ended up with him naked and freaked-out on the LIRR. The game, created by John Groh and Jed Brain Pictures, lets you […]