Tag: Long Island City

  • Living on the Edge

    Multicultural and multisensory, this series of outdoor screenings, set in a sculpture garden in Long Island City and catered by local restaurants, celebrates Queens as a microcosm of our global community. The sumptuous ethnic tapestry of this underrated borough will be represented over the course of six summer evenings with film selections (curated by Ocularis) […]

  • The Buying Game

    It’s that time of year. Ugh! Simi Tolani Age: 18 Resides:: Union Square Occupation: Student How much do you plan to spend on gifts? Normally, I’d buy at least 10 gifts. But this year, I’m only getting four, about $80. And my parents don’t like getting gifts from their kids because it’s like they’re getting […]

  • Czeching Out a Mathews Home

    Location: Long Island City, Queens Rent: $451 (rent-stabilized) Square feet: 900 Occupant: Debbie Van Cura (human resources consultant; president, Greater Astoria Historical Society) Nice spoon collection! You have three wall displays in the dining room alone! These yellow brick Mathews row homes, like the one you live in, are so funny looking—25 on each side […]