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    What better way to celebrate American independence—and pay tribute to New York City’s roots—than by heading to Governors Island (once a Revolutionary War artillery post) to watch a Dutch DJ play the type of hard, bouncy beats Yankee producers have spent years trying to jack. Since Chuckie’s debut with 2008’s “Let the Bass Kick,” his […]

  • Lil Jon

    With the possible exception of the financial district, Midtown may be the New York City neighborhood that corresponds best with American excess. Consider heading there for your independence day celebrations, then, since the DJs at this all-day rooftop “beach party” will include outspoken crunk icon Lil Jon, who one must hope will spend his set […]


    Almost a decade after Lil Jon taught the country to get crunk, what has happened to everyone’s favorite onomatopoeic Southern subgenre? On the one hand, it has returned to the underground, where producers like Mr. Collipark continue to craft innovative, irresistible dance tracks for a slew of journeyman rappers. (His Can I Have the Club […]

  • Christina Aguilera, Army of One

    Exhausted by its excess, we near the end of Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” with a Polow Da Don–produced electro-mayhem bridge, synthesizers growling from the windows to the walls. If you’re following along with the video on YouTube, this would be the part where Xtina sucks a diamond-studded bondage gag and mounts some beau. But […]


    It’s not the World’s Fair, but Flushing Meadows Corona Park’s next attraction packs in all the same grandeur, at least for street skaters worldwide. The Maloof Money Cup New York, courtesy of the brothers who also happen to own such other less-skate-related ventures as the Sacramento Kings and Palms Casino, will be held in New […]

  • BrokeNCYDE

    A collection of yowling infants seemingly still soaked in the Rip It energy drink that was their bizarro amniotic fluid, BrokeNCYDE aren’t trying to convince anyone that their shit is good. Certainly not the Voice, anyway; their “Bree Bree” made our “50 Worst Songs of the ’00s” list. Instead, BrokeNCYDE will just add a few […]

  • Katt Williams

    It’s no secret that many actors aspire to rock stardom, but a great many of them have failed miserably, no matter how cool their tinsel aura (here’s looking at you, Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp). A few comics have transcended the ghettos of their followings to trump serious thespians at this game of aspiration, though: […]

  • Download: TVT Records, 1985-2008

    Thanks for this, anyway 1. Lalo Schifrin: “Mission: Impossible Theme” Preview/Buy from iTunes TVT Records started in 1985 when Steve Gottlieb, a recent Harvard Law graduate, got together with a bunch of his friends, raised $125,000, and put out Television’s Greatest Hits, a compilation of sixty-five old TV-show themes. The label’s original name was Tee […]

  • Microcrunk

    A boom. A click. A farty Kraftwerk synth so anorexic it makes the Fearless Four’s “Rockin’ It” sound apocalyptic. The most legally downloaded single ever, “Laffy Taffy” by Atlanta crew D4L is also the most brazenly minimal song to top Billboard since “My Ding-A-Ling.” So-called snap music and the Dirty South Beach diet aren’t exactly […]

  • Niggapalooza

    “Eye-unh!,” “Hunh!,” and “Hiuiiii!” were universally accepted as James Brown lyrics before crunk king Jonathan “Lil Jon” Smith was conceived. Dave Chappelle may have elevated the ATLien’s zeitgeist-surfing catchphrase “Yeah! Whuuuut? Okaaay!” to “Where’s the Beef?”–ian proportions but the veritable Niggapalooza of Crunk Juice shows the Promethean famous flame ain’t been passed. Usher-spiced “crunk & […]