Tag: Les Miserables

  • Randy Graff

    In 1987 she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” in Les Miserables with a dramatic intensity not since matched, neither on stage nor screen. Switching moods in 1990, she nailed the Tony for, among other things, the comic intensity of “You Can Always Count on Me.” Figure on getting her in both modes with this appearance: […]

  • Les Misérables Doesn’t Dream Daringly

    You can hear the people sing—really hear them—in the long-gestating screen version of that Broadway juggernaut Les Misérables. Countering the standard practice of having the actors in a film musical lip-synch their songs to prerecorded tracks (a/k/a “playback”), director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) insisted that all of the singing in his Les Mis happen […]

  • The Sublime Creations of Destroyer

    Destroyer, the project of Vancouver singer-songwriter Dan Bejar, has a new album out called Kaputt, a clumsy word written in very classy script on the cover. It sounds different from his last album (2008’s Trouble in Dreams), which is something you could say about a lot of Destroyer albums. While Bejar’s home base is a […]