Tag: Len Wiseman

  • Total Recall

    Total Recall, directed by Len Wiseman, aspires to be less stupid than its 1990 predecessor and kind of succeeds for the first third of the film. If you subtract all the metaphysical illusion-versus-reality nonsense, Philip K. Dick’s Walter Mitty story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” on which both films are based is basically […]

  • ‘Underworld: Evolution’

    You’ll need devotees of the first Underworld—do you guys exist?—to explain what the hell is going on in Underworld: Evolution, which quickly disintegrates from simple incoherence into the realm of nuclear fallout. A Star Wars credit crawl and blur-edit flashbacks to the first film do little to clarify the central war between leather-clad, sharpshooting vampires […]

  • A Vampires-and-Werewolves Dud

    Worst Don DeLillo adaptation, ever. Good vampire movies are really about sexual submission, good werewolf movies are really about sexual aggression. Len Wiseman’s Underworld is a vampires-and-werewolves movie that’s about neither. It takes a premise that should have made for primo goth froth—a clan of aristocratic vamps tries to quell a lycanthrope revolt—and renders it […]