Tag: Lawrence (New York)

  • Why Bears Are The New Twinks!

    Are twinks gradually becoming the world’s most endangered species since the kangaroo rat? Sure, their trim forms, asymmetrical hairstyles, and piercing squeals whenever a Lady Gaga song comes on are as adorable as ever, but it seems it’s bears that are currently rising with a fiercer bullet in the hierarchy of gay body types. Bears […]

  • The Favor: Unconscious Parody and Nothing Else

    As an unconscious parody of everything that’s wrong with Indiewood, Eva Aridjis’s The Favor is brilliant. Otherwise, it’s an unwatchable nightmare that brought back bad memories of NYU screenwriting classes. What’s the matter with Johnny (Ryan Donowho)? He smokes, deals pot, and moodily plays bass alone in his room—so he must be hurting. With mom […]

  • The BlackBerry Trickster

    On a summer day in June of 2005, a young, pretty elementary school teacher named Allison walked into the Wireless Café at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 74th Street. The store, cozy and informal, offered cacti in the window and an international cast of good-looking young men behind the counter. It was located around […]

  • Colloquial Williamsburg

    Andrew Bujalski has produced only a pair of micro-budget 16mm features since 2002—but it’s taken this narrow-casting, thirtyish Harvard grad only those two features to stake out a particular territory as well as a fan base. Bujalski’s first production, set in a post-graduate milieu, drew heavily on his college confreres, using nonprofessionals to portray a […]

  • Diff’rent Strokes

    If you see a black man and a white man touching anywhere other than a sports venue in the United States, most likely they’re lovers. Or so I’ve always joked. Well, actually, always assumed. Straight men in this country still rarely stray across the black-white divide when looking for friendship, while for gay men race […]

  • Sex and the Civil Servant: Plot Mixes Love With Debt Relief

    Only the man who wrote Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill would have the hubris to situate a romantic comedy in a barren setting like the G-8 political summit. Richard Curtis’s The Girl in the Café airs here a week before this year’s G-8 meeting (the site of violent anti-globalization protests in 2001) […]

  • Iraq’s Gravity Pulls a Soldier Down

    Among the family, friends, and colleagues who inhabited his short life, the broad, handsome National Guardsman went by several names. His college professors and classmates knew him as Lekan, a shy, diligent student working toward a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The men from Alpha Company, 108th Infantry Regiment out of New York State, called […]

  • What They Left Behind

    Albany, New York—Craig Williams, a curator at the New York State Museum, drove four hours to visit Willard Psychiatric Center in the spring of 1995. The complex, located 65 miles southwest of Syracuse, was about to shut down after more than 100 years. Williams figured he would be able to pick up some artifacts—maybe some […]

  • Checkin’ Out the Weather Chart

    One of the most important folksingers (he’s not really a folksinger) of the late-20th and earlyish-21st (and mayhap 22nd) centuroonie has never heard of For Carnation or Basement Jaxx. (Basement who? Yeah, same here. But let’s try and keep up.) His name? Lawrence Heyward. His latest meme? Go-Kart Mozart. Last known whereabouts? Hell, or thereabouts. […]

  • The Saturday Stroll

    A new religion, based on one of the oldest, is arising in the Five Towns. You could call it Suburbodox Judaism. Drive down Central Avenue in Lawrence on a Saturday afternoon (unless you’re an observant Jew) and you’ll see its signs: hundreds of well-appointed baby carriages pushed by hundreds of well-appointed people. This is the […]