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  • Theater

        ‘AMERICAN LIVING ROOM FESTIVAL’ HERE Arts Center, 145 Sixth Avenue, 647-0202, www.here.org July 13-September 1: Though I don’t remember saying it, I’m credited with having once described HERE’s “American Living Room” summer festival as “the best and worst in New York theater.” Or something clever like that. In any case, it’s couches, beer, […]

  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

    In New York, when you’re over, you’re usually the last to hear about it. At aRude magazine editor Iké Udé‘s gathering at the Lower East Side’s Pink Pony, I ran into a crowd that included new-media art legend Laurie Anderson, doodle artist Tom Schreiber, and SundayStyles fixture Patrick McDonald, a modern-day dandy, Baudelaire’s flawlessly dressed […]

  • November Songs

    For Lou Reed and Patti Smith, old heroes with new product, maturity’s not exactly a breaking story. Lou’s goes back 18 years to The Blue Mask, and while Patti’s official seniority starts in 1995, when the androgynous poet turned widowed mother returned to New York and the stage after 16 years in Detroit, she passed […]

  • Outside the Whale

    Here’s a small detail. In her musical rereading of Moby Dick, Laurie Anderson has a cast member quote from an obscure sermon delivered early in the novel: “So what is a man if he outlives the lifetime of his God?” The program notes that she’s written also cite the line, commenting: “Yes, really. What do […]

  • Call Her Ishmael

    Laurie Anderson cheerfully concedes thatMoby Dick was “not really asking to become a multimedia show.” But she just couldn’t help herself. She rediscovered the barnacled tome when a television producer invited her to create a monologue about a favorite book for a literacy project. (She hadn’t read it since high school.) Though that project collapsed, […]