• NYC Beer Week Hits the Home Stretch

    The seventh annual NYC Beer Week is heading to the finish line, but it promises to go out with a boisterous bang. The final weekend is punctuated with several standout bashes, tap takeovers, local drink specials, even a whole lamb roast. Here’s a few to hit in the home stretch. Clinton Hall (90 Washington Street; […]

  • Five Fast Casual Concepts That Need To Happen

    It seems that anyone with a bankroll and a big idea is flocking to the fast casual scene nowadays. And why not? Why go in on a fast food franchise and take orders when you can be your own Colonel, Ray Kroc, or Steve Ells rolled up into one? In the last month alone I’ve […]

  • $1.6 Million of Rat Meat Sold as Lamb in China

    Just as rage over the elaborate horse-meat scandal begins to quiet down a bit, news comes via the New York Times that traders in eastern China have been passing off rat, fox, and mink meat as lamb. 63 traders were arrested for dousing the meat with various pigments and nitrates and selling it for an […]

  • Does NYC Need Elk Burgers?

    Yes, there’s a burger in there somewhere. The elk is a mighty animal. Also known as wapiti, it’s really a very large species of deer, native to North America and East Asia. Males of the species have magnificent horns, which are shed every year, and these horns are often used in traditional medicines. Male elks […]

  • Lamb Barbacoa Taco at Empellón Taqueria, Dish #86

    Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, the tasty countdown leading up to our “Best of 2012” issue. Tune in each day (weekends too!) for a new dish from the Fork in the Road team. [See More 100 Dishes: Vegetable Samosas at Little Pakistan Deli, Dish #87 | Build Your Own Burger at Kent Ale […]

  • What Should I Do with This Lamb Head?

    [See More Good Stuff: Trying To Beat the Heat? Check Out Korean Naeng Myun | Photos: The New Amsterdam Market’s Dairy Fair | Beigel’s Knows What Your Nose Likes] At a family reunion in the Catskills this weekend, my fabulous relatives picked this tasty lamb clean, but left the head and neck intact. Naturally, I […]

  • This Week’s Specials: Lamb Dishes and Shrimp Heads

    Robert Sietsema gives the run-down on New York City’s best lamb dishes. Thinking of going camping over the long weekend? We give you five ideas for outdoor eats: mason jar cocktails, spiced chickpeas, kale chips, picnic apple pies, and Hong Kong-style hot dogs. A recap of the not-so-great GoogaMooga: “Lines poured into one another and […]

  • Our 10 Best Lamb Dishes in NYC

    At Boukies: What could be better than a rack of grilled lamb chops bolstered with lemon potatoes? Lamb is the new beef, and Brooklyn is its greatest borough. Whether cooked well-done or rare; barbecued, roasted, boiled, or merely seared; well-spiced or left au naturale; the flavor bursts in your mouth like an atom bomb. Here […]

  • Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Lamb Dishes

    Will the gloriously squishy sheep testicles at Kavkaz make the cut? Lamb is the meat of the hour. While many Americans used to eschew the flesh as “too strongly flavored,” most New York diners now proclaim its mildly assertive flavor as “just right.” Of course, when you’re talking about namby-pamby New Zealand lamb versus Halal […]

  • Freak on Fatah at Bay Ridge’s New Yemen Café

    Why the four forks in the fatah? Because you’re supposed to share it with three friends directly from the bowl. You know how sometimes you try something new for breakfast, and all of a sudden you want to eat it every day? Well, that was how it was with me and fatah.   Fatah is […]