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  • Lady Gaga Thanks Borough Prez Who Didn’t Call Her A Slut

    One of the more shameful remarks in recent history had Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro referring to Lady Gaga as a “slut” because she was photographed smoking a joint in Amsterdam. He said the singer is a terrible role model for kids, I guess feeling that one puffing action erased all of her activism, […]

  • Political Official: “Gaga Is A Slut Who’s Influencing Many Children!”

    And you thought Mitt Romney saying that windows on planes should be openable was the dumbest remark of the year! Well, here comes Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro demonizing Lady Gaga as some kind of Reefer Madness-style villain because she was photographed smoking a joint in Amsterdam. (Please. If you’re not seen smoking a […]

  • S.I. Borough Prez James Molinaro Thinks Lady Gaga’s a “Slut.” And He’s Right

    Lady Gaga recently smoked a joint on stage during a concert in Amsterdam — which makes her a “slut,” according to Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro. “To me, she’s not an actress, she is a slut in the pure, in the pure meaning of the word,” the BP said last night at an event […]

  • “Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters Bully Famous Gay Writer!”

    And that writer is little old me! Sorry this is a few days old–I’ve got to bing myself more often–but I just came upon a fascinating article with the above title that pits Gaga’s camp against my own. It talks about the verbal assault on Twitter, Facebook, and La Daily Musto on behalf of Lady […]

  • Lady Gaga Accused Of Bullying! She Defends Herself! Exclusive Story

    In came the email: “Lady Gaga (Ate My Heart, Inc /Stefani Germanotta) is a bully and suing the family business that owns the 12-year-old registered trademark brand Gaga Pure Platinum cosmetics because she can’t get a federal trademark registration, after being blocked registration twice. “Gaga Pure Platinum was created and has existed since 2000 and […]

  • Lady Gaga Refuses To Fight Back Against Madonna, So She Fights Back

    First, the back story. Lady Gaga‘s 2011 hit “Born This Way” had some musical echoes of Madonna‘s “Express Yourself,” so Madonna went into her dictionary and called it “reductive.” She must have been boiling up inside about Gaga’s ascendance and was waiting for a chance to publicly strike out and call her a copycat. And […]


    Last fall, downtown event producer Ladyfag hosted the inaugural Pop Souk, a marketplace filled with one-of-a-kind items sold by the hottest DJs, performers, and underground personalities straight out of their own fabulous closets. The event was such a success that it’s now being held twice a year. This time, iconic fashion designer Pam Hogg (a […]

  • ‘The Bunker/Unsound’ w/ Monolake+Ital

    Ableton Live developer and sound design professor Robert Henke is one of experimental techno’s great underground heroes: As Monolake he makes bass-heavy, technology-pushing music that fits as comfortably next to the more avant side of dubstep as it once did on minimal’s Chain Reaction. Ital’s airy, propulsive loops couldn’t be further from Monolake’s stark depths, […]

  • Madonna Has an Identity Crisis on MDNA

    The new album by Madonna, MDNA (Interscope), is in large part a tribute to her contributions to the pop world’s gene pool. It opens with her reciting the Act of Contrition, like she did over squalling guitars on Like a Prayer; she flirtatiously sings “you can be my lucky star,” a callback to her early […]

  • Lady Gaga’s Next Career Move! Urgent!

    I’m quite certain of what it is. ] To change the look! I know she changes the look all the time, but I mean change the whole gist of it in general! The constant parade of outrageous costumes has got to become oppressive for her, even if it keeps thousands of stylists in business. Can […]