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  • Summer Guide: B.A.M.’s Muslim Richard III

    William Shakespeare’s Richard III opens with the seasonal observation, “Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer.” It’s much too soon to predict if this summer—and its theatrical offerings—will prove at all glorious. But Sulayman Al-Bassam’s provocative play Richard III: An Arab Tragedy will heat up the Brooklyn Academy of Music stage when […]

  • All Herzog, All the Time

    As a filmmaker, Werner Herzog has more in common with the intrepid explorer-cineastes of the silent era than with anyone working today. Herzog, who maintains that “humiliation and strain” are essential parts of his creative process, has specialized in movies resulting from some self-imposed ordeal, both for him and his associates. Typically shot in difficult […]

  • Sending In the Reserves

    BAQUBAH, IRAQ—It’s not hard to imagine what the soldiers of the 272nd Chemical Company, a unit of the New York National Guard’s 42nd Infantry Division, were thinking when they spotted a vehicle barreling toward them through the falling darkness. Strewn out on the highway near this Sunni city on January 29, their own vehicles idling […]

  • Bring Your Own Boots

    In the first debate, John Kerry pointed out that our soldiers are sent to Iraq without proper equipment, leaving their parents back home searching the Web for proper body armor. “Humvees—10,000 out of 12,000 Humvees that are over there aren’t armored,” Kerry said, as Bush Junior smirked. “And you go visit some of those kids […]

  • The First Bush War

    Since so many of the people involved in preparations for the war against Iraq (Cheney, Powell, and Wolfowitz being the most prominent) worked in the first Bush administration and had a hand in crafting Desert Storm in 1991, there is renewed speculation as to whether that war was a put-up job by Bush senior. Among […]

  • Day by Day, Death by Death

    To the Bush administration’s more ardent partisans, the death toll in Iraq is merely something to “be aware of,” as one recently put it in a communiqué from Baghdad—an acceptable trade of human lives for regime change. The United States has lost nearly 600 military personnel since the war began, a year ago last week. […]

  • Send the Bill to Kenya

    UN studies project up to 2 million people would be displaced by war with Iraq, with an additional 1.4 million refugees fleeing the country. Where they’ll go isn’t clear. Jordan, Syria, and Kuwait have announced they will not take any. Iran, which is still harboring 200,000 from the first Gulf War, is not likely to […]

  • Sumptuous Food on Special Reserve

    Sometimes I feel not unlike Columbus, an adventurer in search of spices. I add cardamom to my coffee, ras al hanout to my roast lamb, and even throw cubebs into my pepper mill. So of course I was intrigued when Tabla’s opening last year titillated the tastebuds of Gotham’s dining establishment with fusion riffs on […]