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  • Kristin Hersh

    As part of the Rubin Museum’s “Naked Soul” series—designed to allow fans to “hear artists as they really sound”—alt-rock icon Kristin Hersh will perform an all-acoustic set of her particular brand of mind-bending (and occasionally sanity-challenging) rock. It’s a notable show in part because the sometime Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave musician since she […]

  • Throwing Muses

    On this tour, alternative-era icons Throwing Muses are celebrating three decades of stunning quasi-bummer songs about losing your mind. The on-again, off-again group also recently released a new compilation, imaginatively titled Anthology, which contains rare gems alongside classic songs like “Vicky’s Box” and “Bright Yellow Gun.” And though their lineup has changed a bit in […]


    R.E.M. is that rarity: a poised rock band. They shred cerebrally, wail monarchically, politicize religiously. Perhaps they’re so composed because they’re confident of the broad impact they’ve had on alternative rock; in the ’80s, they were some of the first crazy kids to slip post-punk into the water. Patti Smith, Calexico, Throwing Muses with Kristin […]