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    With only a single original member — Ralf Hütter — still at his pre-programmed workstation, electronica pioneers Kraftwerk have effectively become the Google car of contemporary music ensembles, a driverless machine offering effortless efficiency. For their first New York appearance since their 2012 MOMA retrospective, the Germanic foursome deepen their usually flat stage presence by […]


    More than 40 years ago, Kraftwerk, a German electronic group based around Florian Schneider, Ralf Hütter, and a revolving door of fellow musicians, began recording music that opened a door to a future that most have us have yet to enter. Over the next week, MOMA picks up the band’s discography at Autobahn, the 1974 […]

  • ‘Wierd Presents Solvent’

    Solvent indulges in the best sort of nostalgia: Not looking back with a sense of loss or as a refusal but, rather, recreating afresh the joys of another era. The Zimbabwe-born Toronto artist captures the excitement of early electronica, never letting it go stale. His latest on Ghostly International, Subject to Shift, is darker than […]

  • ‘The Bunker’

    Birmingham’s Surgeon crafts techno that takes as much from Coil and Faust as from Jeff Mills and Kraftwerk. His sets are dark and hard but more cathartic than intimidating. 430 West Records founders the Burden Brothers (a/k/a Random Noise Generation, a/k/a Octave One) provide a sharp contrast. From their classic “Blackwater” to the new “I […]

  • Cluster Return at the Knitting Factory

    In the ’70s krautrock canon, Neu!, Amon Duul, and Can are renowned for their dramatic narratives, while Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk enjoy somewhat of a commercial presence; meanwhile, pioneering ambient duo Dieter Moebius and Hans Joachim Roedelius, a/k/a Cluster, mostly get the shaft. Indulge in their catalog, and you’ll be rewarded with a rich and […]

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    Literary Triumph Seven different people pitch a book on Weezer’s Pinkerton to the 33 1/3 series. Yeah, whatever, as long as you leave room for Hysteria and Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em. TV Party The tortured “gotcha” syntax of American Idol elimination meetings. The ol’ “I’m very sorry to tell you that … you’re going […]

  • Be Stiff

    At exactly 8 p.m. last Wednesday, Kraftwerk—sporting identical black single-breasted suits, gray shirts, black ties, and spit-shined shoes—materialized onstage behind identical black laptops, aligned in perfect symmetry. Huge video screens beamed hyper-futuristic Commodore 64 visuals behind them. The band stood entirely motionless throughout the show, though they occasionally bopped their heads solemnly, and Ralf Hütter […]

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    Caveat emptor as always, but even more so than usual on the shortwave interception set—four discs plus an 80-page booklet in a separate jewel case, listing on amazon.com for $67.98 total. Quite a pretty penny unless you’re even more amused than I am by the idea of Kraftwerk’s “Numbers” accidentally translated ad infinitum into dozens […]

  • Whippet Good

    For a music that started out sounding like George Clinton and Kraftwerk trapped in an elevator, as Derrick May famously described Juan Atkins’s early efforts, Detroit techno has aged about as gracefully as Three’s Company reruns. Wearing its “classic” sound like wide lapels, “Knights of the Jaguar” from Underground Resistance last summer may have been […]

  • Da Da Da

    In the early 1970s, while the domestic rock landscape was a smoldering ruin, certain adventurous and/or elitist listeners turned to Germany. The music of Can, Amon Düül II, and Kraftwerk, among others, fascinated with its reliance on electronics and independence from the blues roots of the U.S./U.K. axis. One of the most esteemed of these […]