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    101, Keren Ann’s new record, won’t be released domestically until spring, but the NY-via-Paris-via-Tel Aviv singer/songwriter is doing a round of local shows anyway. That’s just what purveyors of sophisticated new singles such as “My Name Is Trouble” do. She sings its title, and then its killer second line (“My first name’s a mess”), and […]

  • Keren Ann

    Maybe it’s the New York aroma that’s soaked steadily into Keren Ann’s leather jacket. After all, Nolita has been one of the borderless singer-songwriter’s many second homes, as well as an album title. Whatever its source, the instrumental and vocal seasoning she’s added since beginning to work principally in English and French (on Nolita and […]


    An especially fine installment in City Winery’s new “Pairings” series—you can guess what the concept is here—this double bill brings together Joey Burns and John Convertino of Calexico, the long-running Tucson-based indie-roots outfit, with Keren Ann, the French-Israeli chanteuse who named her 2004 album Nolita after her adopted New York neighborhood. Last year’s Carried to […]

  • There, There

    Rihanna (Ft. Jay-Z) “Umbrella” From Good Girl Gone Bad In the event of inclement weather, by all means seek shelter beneath Rihanna’s um-ber-ell-a-el-la -el-la-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh. Judging by the video, the calamities she wishes to shield you from include hilariously awful CGI water, body-double ballet dancing, an eye exam (“Which one’s clearer, this one or this one? […]

  • The French Are Coming

    On a somewhat sunny day in September last year, the French singers Camille and Mélanie Pain pulled up in a yellow cab at the meatpacking district salon Bumble and Bumble with French producer-DJ Marc Collin. The event was an art world party hosted by New York City-based Hint Magazine and attended by beautiful-important people on […]

  • More Than Frogs Croaking

    Stream every song on Carla Bruni‘s Quelqu’un M’a Dit View video for Coralie Clément‘s “L’ombre et la lumière” (Real) Stream 30-second snippets of every song on Keren Ann‘s Nolita Stream 30-second snippets of every song on Keren Ann‘s Not Going Anywhere Nouvelle Vague Website, for album samples and a “Making of . . .” video […]

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    Death From Above 1979 March 10 Bowery Ballroom, 6 Delancey, 212-533-2111. Dudes canceled on us in January—Jesse Bassist had the flu—but last time I checked, this Toronto power duo still plays metal ditties, slams cocaine sluts, and sings the virtues of babies better than any band out there. Concrete beardos with hearts of gold, DFA1979 […]