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  • Dressing Up RFK with Moon River and Me’s Andy Williams

    If you remember Andy Williams at all, you remember “Moon River,” the easy smile, the colorful sweaters. He was among the last clean-cut crooners to hit before rock dirtied up the scene. His career was a stubborn refutation of ’60s Sturm und Drang—where hip singers were dazed and confused, Andy had a Happy Heart. (Small […]


    In a 2004 interview, Liza Minnelli said, “I feel like I haven’t done my best work yet. I feel like there’s a world of possibilities out there.” Perhaps she’s exploring some of those possibilities in this new act, which features numerous Liza classics as well as a tribute to her godmother Kay Thompson. Musical supervisor […]

  • NY Mirror

    It’s too soon to serve up any critical analysis of the hurtling-our-way epic Babel, but I can say that it’s definitely an “aha!” movie. You know, “Aha! So that was her family! So that was his object,” and so on, until even the deaf Japanese girl probably makes sense. Much of the interrelationship info is […]

  • The Original Bad Girl

    In 1955, the hedonist heroine of Kay Thompson’s soon-to-be classic Eloise: A Book for Precocious Grown Ups made mincemeat of the Plaza Hotel staff and skibbled across the bestseller lists. She became an icon, for Lord’s sake (as she herself would say). Eloise endorsed dolls and clothing, Renault autos and Kalistron luggage, and of course, […]