Tag: Katie Pearl

  • Summer Guide: Lisa D’Amour’s Motor City Bayou

    If playwright Lisa D’Amour didn’t seem such a sane and affable woman, you’d be tempted to diagnose her with schizophrenia. What other theater artist manages such a maniacally varied career? Even while D’Amour prepares for the fall opening of her first Broadway show, Detroit, she and her longtime collaborator, director Katie Pearl, are readying an […]

  • Quarky, Quirky Terrible Things and Crime or Emergency

    According to one interpretation of quantum mechanics, in the course of any event in which multiple outcomes are possible, every outcome occurs—one in this world, others in an array of parallel worlds. So in one world, I might write that I despise Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour’s Terrible Things and Sibyl Kempson and Mike Iveson […]

  • Clash of Symbols

    Lottie, an upright Minnesota housewife, is suspicious of the Southerners, Dinah and Dan, boarding in her home. “Where do they come from?” she asks her husband, Cyrus. “When will they be here? Can she cook? Can she sew?” Finally, Lottie looks Dan up and down and demands, “Is he mysterious?” Dan (Tug Coker) is indeed […]

  • The Mothers Grim

    In an alternate America, more menacing and tender than our own, mother Irene and daughter Annabella inhabit a trailer home in a nameless city. Irene has lived there so long, she’s begun to muddle the past and present with the stuff of her dreams. Seated behind a TV tray cluttered with noisemakers and artifacts, she […]