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    “I don’t want to write any story that I think can be written,” author Nathan Englander recently told Granta magazine. “The challenge and fun of writing stories is engaging with something that seems impossible to execute, so that even I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.” So how did the stories of his […]

  • The Interpretation of Screams

    Kathryn Harrison loves gray areas: This much we know. The characters in her novels and memoirs dwell in some hinterland of moral, sexual, and familial ambiguity. They engage in incestuous affairs, self-mutilation, voyeurism, mortification of the flesh, and unwholesome fixations—all coated with her trademark queasy mixture of guilt and rapture. Will, the Park Slope psychiatrist […]

  • Bound, Not Gagged

    Kathryn Harrison knows what it feels like to cross the line. After the publication of her memoir The Kiss, she went from being a writer of well-reviewed midlist literary fiction to a public pariah. She became chief scapegoat of a culture of confession run amok, the highbrow spawn of Jerry Springer. The central disclosure of […]