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    Even the busboys at the late Max’s Kansas City were artists. The downtown hub was a hot spot for iconic personalities of the Warholian persuasion, and Anton Perich captured many of them in his crude and improvised movies, deliberately rendered in bad taste as a response to the hyper-sanitized culture of television. Tonight, Spectacle Theater […]

  • Links Between American Evangelicals and Uganda’s Violent Homophobia Are Explored in God Loves Uganda

    Can it be true that the apple-cheeked Midwestern evangelicals who send their money, their teenagers, and their last-century sexual mores to Uganda genuinely see no link between their fervently anti-gay, anti-condom preaching and that country’s movement to make homosexuality not just illegal but punishable by death? The toothsome young Pentecostals in Roger Ross Williams’s involving, […]

  • Gold, Meehan, and Me Invade KC

    The brisket burnt-edges sandwich at Gates Bar B.Q. [See More On the Road: Weird Food Truck in San Francisco | Watermelon Shop in Texas! | Delicious Kansas City Oddball Burgers] The last week of April, Peter Meehan, Jonathan Gold, and I went to Kansas City for three days of binge eating. The conversations that ensued […]

  • ‘Max’s Kansas City Alumni Reunion’

    Between 1965 and 1981, the Park Avenue South venue Max’s Kansas City was a downtown institution, hosting artists ranging from the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls to Ramones and Blondie. Tonight, a bevy of its regulars launch a four-concert reunion, headlined by transgender punk icon Jayne County. The ringleader for the event is […]

  • Kansas City’s Oddball Burgers, and Why They’re So Good

    The burger at Winstead’s (rather grandly called a “steakburger”), celebrated by Calvin Trillin in American Fried As burgers have become a mainstay of New York City bistros, bars, and snack shops, area chefs have come to define them in a restricted way: The patty must be thick and juicy and made with designer meat, barely […]

  • John Brown Smokehouse: Long Island City Gets a Great Barbecue

    It’s something of an urban miracle how quickly NYC has gone from being a barbecue wasteland to a national ‘cue capital. The phenomenon began 20 years ago with the founding of Stick to Your Ribs by Brit hairdresser Robert Pearson in a haunted corner of Queens and proceeded through the establishment of Blue Smoke, Hill […]

  • Neely’s Barbecue Parlor Tries to Rib New York

    I’ve never been to Neely’s Bar-B-Que in Memphis, but I’ve visited Interstate Barbecue, an older place in the same city owned by Pat Neely’s uncle. It was there that the handsome and affable co-star of Down Home With the Neelys learned to smoke meats after he moved to Memphis from Detroit, according to Food Network […]

  • Pay Marva Whitney What You Owe Her

    Marva Whitney is baking a sweet-potato pie. Generous with the cinnamon and thrifty on the nutmeg, she’ll serve it up during Christmas dinner at the Kansas City retirement home she calls home. “We’re just gonna have a nice Christmas together,” she explains. Her tone is sweet and gentle, like that of a favored grandmother—a far […]

  • ‘CMJ: PS I Love You+Soft Reeds+Dear Comrade’

    While your CMJ may pass in a drunken haze of Twitpics and Surfer Blood make-out sessions, let’s make one thing clear: PS I Love You will prevail as the greatest band you didn’t hear. Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, this small guy-big guy duo creates propulsive grunge out of sincerely adroit love songs (see “Butterflies and […]

  • OH, BOY!

    When you see Kansas City–based art rocker Cody Critcheloe and his Fu Manchu mustache coming, you’d be wise to step aside. Leader of the queer punk performance art band SSION, Crticheloe is known his outlandish stage shows (complete with out-of-this-world costumes and scantily clad dancers) and belting out excellently titled sex jams such as “Street […]