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  • The Ruling That Could Change Everything For Disabled People With Million-Dollar Trusts

    When Judge Kristen Booth Glen walked into her Manhattan Surrogate’s courtroom one day in 2007, she had no idea she was about to challenge the nation’s top banks on behalf of tens of thousands of disabled people. Before her stood lawyer Harvey J. Platt, who was petitioning to become the legal guardian of Mark Christopher […]

  • Country Club Sopranos

    You wouldn’t know it by watching the news or reading the paper, but America’s banks are on the largest crime spree the country has ever known. Let’s go to the highlight reel, shall we? In July, Wells Fargo paid a $175 million settlement after the feds caught its brokers systematically pushing minority customers into mortgages […]

  • Don’t Fence Me Out

    It’s lunchtime on a Thursday, and Paula Segal wants to go to Chase Manhattan Plaza, a large open space that takes up a whole city block between Nassau and William streets in the heart of the financial district. The plaza, which was given landmark status by the city in 2009, is a popular lunch spot […]


    If you don’t pass through Grand Central often, you probably don’t know that there is a state-of-the-art glass-enclosed squash court underneath the gleaming period chandeliers of Vanderbilt Hall. One guidebook calls it “a combination of the U.S. Open and an Apple store.” From January 20 to 26, the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions will be […]


    Michelle “Shells” Haylie Hoffman drinks way too much red wine. The drunker she gets, the more she spills about her 9-to-5 job as a senior analyst for JP Morgan, and her love life (or lack thereof). She rambles on about some dude she went on a date with years ago, strips down to nothing, and […]

  • The BlackBerry Trickster

    On a summer day in June of 2005, a young, pretty elementary school teacher named Allison walked into the Wireless Café at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 74th Street. The store, cozy and informal, offered cacti in the window and an international cast of good-looking young men behind the counter. It was located around […]

  • On the Hard

    Location City Island Price $232,000 in 1991 Square feet 2,900 (three-story 1878 former farmhouse) Occupants Wes Rodstrom [owner, Consolidated Yachts]; Krista King [office manager, Consolidated Yachts] What’s going to happen to the seashells, scrimshaw, and blunderbusses? [Wes] We’re going farming. We’re giving up this nautical shit. [Krista] I can’t fit the groceries in the back […]

  • Nation

    Kissinger to the Rescue The Dream of a Fair Investigation Bush Gets a Schoolmarm Kissinger to the Rescue Since President Bush didn’t want an inquiry into 9-11 to begin with, his move to bring Henry Kissinger back onstage seems designed to serve another purpose. Ostensibly appointed to investigate the spy snafus that led to the […]

  • System Error

    Desperate for computers for her cadre of young filmmaking students in Brooklyn, Trayce Gardner peppered the corporate world with letters last fall. J.P. Morgan, the international banking firm, came through with an offer of seven cast-off computers. All Gardner had to do, said Morgan’s public-relations people, was pick them up. But that turned out not […]

  • Dam Shame

    What will you do when you learn your Discover Card is indirectly bankrolling an environmental disaster? The people at the International Rivers Network, a California group, hope you will cut it up and mail it back to its owners at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, along with a statement expressing your concern about Morgan’s financial role […]