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  • “Fuck the Curtain”: An Oral History of Off-Broadway

    Celebrating 30 Years of Off-Broadway May 21, 1985 On May 20, the Obies celebrate their 30th birthday. This special supplement, with selections from 30 years of the Voice and reminiscences by many of the major figures of the American theater, is dedicated to the artists of Off- and Off-Off-Broadway. GENE FRANKEL: I was sitting at […]

  • Al Pacino on His Career, Working With Scorsese, and That Time He Discovered Jessica Chastain

    It’s kind of bewildering to think that there hasn’t been a major New York retrospective of Al Pacino’s films until now. But maybe now is also, in its own way, the perfect time. Starting today, the Quad Cinema presents “Pacino’s Way,” a 34-film salute (running through March 30) to the legendary, New York–born actor’s extraordinary career. […]

  • Theoni V. Aldredge (1923-2011)

    The costume designer Theoni V. Aldredge was, it seems, the perfect collaborator: People who worked with Theoni Aldredge once wanted to do so again; people who worked with her twice considered the arrangement permanent, and chose her repeatedly for their projects as a matter of course. If this suggests that Aldredge, who died on January […]


    A musician on the verge, Novice Theory (a/k/a Geo Wyeth) materialized suddenly on the downtown music scene a year ago, with appearances at Weimar New York and the Tingel Tangel Club, and his skills have kept him there credibly. In his first full-length show as a headliner, the trans female-to-male pianist, singer, and accordionist takes […]

  • Gloria Foster (1936–2001)

    Production shots from the past rarely communicate the power of the performance lost. Those of the African American actress Gloria Foster, who died September 29 at the age of 64, do. The image of her 1977 Clytemnestra, eyes flashing and nails sharpened, is terrifying. A 1965 photo of her Medea, imposing and sensual, telegraphs the […]