Six Sites That Ring Musto’s Gay Chimes

My favorite web site, of course, is, a loving receptacle for all of our hopes, dreams, and snarky information. But there are other cyber places out there that ring my gay chimes and make it worth pulling up an imaginary stool for, as it were. Herewith, my fave sites to visit for tawdry gossip and spiritual enlightenment:

1. A raunchy, celeb-obsessed, gayola party where only bitter hags are on the list. Their wit and wisdom (and depressions) make for riveting reading. Typical posting: “Jonnny Carson ignored his black grandchild!”

2. This site’s “All That Chat” message board attracts absolute loonies who can debate “Kristin vs. Idina” for hours on end—and insist on doing so every single day. Weed through the flacks and nutjobs on the down low who rave about Brooklyn the musical and find the gems worth singing out about, Louise. Typical posting: “YAY!!!! Rachel York has her own solo album!!”

3. I’ve gotten carpal tunnel just from clicking on this wry classic every five seconds to catch the newest unbotoxed observations and snaggle-toothed truths. Typical posting: “Donald Trump Fires Fiancee’s Errant Nipple.”

4. Ron M’s “the Corsair” blog is like gawker‘s only slightly more polite cousin as he links and lassos all kinds of bold-faced realities. Typical post: The Donald Trump burger “should remain in your colon longer than his new marriage to the Eastern European trophy lasts.”

5. (Disclosure: I write for Out magazine.) The site’s “Daily Gossip!” section guides you to spicy, friend-of-Dorothy-friendly headline happenings. Typical post: “Group action for Elijah!”

6. Stephen Saban’s blog, “the WOW Report,” manages to be gi-normously funny and incisive, while dutfully plugging World of Wonder’s multitude of projects from “Gay Republicans” to “Inside Deep Throat.” Special features include “The St. James Version” (via ageless party boy James St. James), “Recently Dead” (fun obits of your favorite corpses), and the new “Inside Inside Deep Throat” blog-within-a-blog. Typical posting: There IS no typical posting. That’s the genius of it. Now go back to the rest of, please.