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  • Netflix’s “Insatiable” Has Us Screaming in Anger but Still Tops August’s TV Watch List

    May sucked, June was rough, and July was a hot ’n’ stinky — mainly because the heat just bakes us all up like a bunch of angry little ragamuffins. Well, I’m sorry to report there will be no relief in August! It’s shaping up to be a scorcher down here in hell, so the only […]

  • Promised Land’s Hard Sell

    Salesmen are typically depicted in screen drama as the quintessential American phonies. The exceptions—in Barry Levinson’s Avalon or Whit Stillman’s Barcelona—are buried under a mountain of films proving the rule. That one set of phonies are being dramatically indicted by actors is an irony that we will leave hanging. When we first meet Promised Land‘s […]

  • Nobody Walks

    For her evocative third feature, writer-director Ry Russo-Young has collaborated with filmmaker-actress Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture, HBO’s Girls) on a screenplay that occasionally presses too hard on plot in order to achieve thematic balance, as with the unlikely sexual tension that builds between psychiatrist Julie (Rosemarie DeWitt) and a manipulative patient (Justin Kirk). The story: […]

  • Save the Humans! Actors and Whales Trapped in Big Miracle

    Starring everyone who wasn’t in New Year’s Eve—and larded with just as many bromides—Big Miracle is inspired by the true story of the end-of-the-Cold War effort to free three gray whales trapped by ice in northern Alaska. While rooting for the marine mammals (and wishing for more footage of them—and even of their animatronic incarnations), […]

  • The Divine Secrets of the Eskimo Sisterhood in Something Borrowed

    Something Borrowed is based on a 2005 work of chick literature by Emily Giffin. It was directed with extraordinary impersonality by Luke Greenfield (Rob Schneider’s The Animal), and produced by Hilary Swank in collaboration, apparently, with the restaurant Shake Shack—one of the lifestyle brands prominently featured in this tale of love and betrayal among New […]

  • John Krasinski Makes a Mess of DFW’s Hideous Men

    “Everything I write ends up being about loneliness,” said the late writer David Foster Wallace in a 1999 interview on the radio show “Bookworm.” In that conversation, Wallace was trying to get at the core of his Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, a four-part short story he wrote as a series of monologues, which, in […]

  • License to Wed

    A blitzed-looking man stumbling out of a screening of this dreadful excuse for an unromantic comedy volunteered that the best part of the movie was when Robin Williams got socked in the jaw. Couldn’t agree more—but if you like your Williams spewing rat-a-tat gags and substituting stand-up for acting, you’ll love him as an obsessive […]