Tag: John Curran

  • True-Story Narrative Tracks Recounts a 1,700-Mile Trek Across Australia

    ‘I think you have a problem with people,” Rick Smolan (Adam Driver) informs Robyn Davidson (Mia Wasikowska) in the middle of the desert. The utterance comes midway through Tracks, John Curran’s true-story narrative of Davidson’s 1,700-mile 1977 trek across Australia. As Davidson engages more with her animals (four camels, one dog) than any human, viewers […]

  • Academic Affairs: Mutual Adultery in a Quiet College Town

    John Curran’s impressive 1998 debut, Praise, chronicled the love affair between a pair of Australian slackers living day-to-day in a state of dazed, drug-enhanced marginality. For his follow-up, the American-born director has returned home for an equally gripping and no less well acted character-driven romance. Adroitly adapted by Larry Gross from a pair of short […]

  • Delicate Balance

    Laura Dern has certainly played her share of head cases, but in John Curran’s marital roundelay We Don’t Live Here Anymore, her character is quite different from the frisky corrupted-naïf roles she’s most famous for. In the film, fellow former David Lynch ingenue Naomi Watts handles the more typically Dern-like role of “other woman” Edith, […]