Tag: John Cleland

  • A Fanny Thing

    Times change. Half a century ago, Lindsay and Crouse could guarantee themselves a big laugh at a first-act curtain by having their naive hero open a book and read the line “My maiden name was Fanny Hill.” In those days, John Cleland’s 18th-century porn classic couldn’t be sold publicly in the U.S.; nowadays it practically […]

  • ‘Mass Naked Happening’

    February 1, 1968 I have seen the future—and it doesn’t work. According to a telegram which arrived at the office late Friday afternoon, “JAPANESE SCULPTRESS KUSAMA WILL STAGE A SPECTATULAR MASS NAKED HAPPENING AT THE GYMNASIUM 420 EAST 71 STREET NEW YORK CITY AT 10 PM THIS FRIDAY JANUARY 26.” “Those things never start on […]