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  • Jeopardy’s Five Best Music Moments

    Sure, selling almost 180 million records worldwide is pretty special. As is winning 17 Grammy Awards. But last week, Beyoncé’s legacy was bestowed with arguably the highest of all honors: She got her own category on Jeopardy. Personally, our favorite part was Alex Trebek’s delivery of the phrase “Jay-Z is featured on this Beyoncé song […]

  • Trebek: I’ll Take ‘Possible Retirement’ for 200

    Very few things have remained the same since 1984. The highest grossing movie that year was Beverly Hills Cop; now, we have The Hunger Games. Michael Jackson’s Thriller ruled the airwaves; 28 years later, Adele’s 21 hasn’t budged from Billboard’s top spot. And who had heard of the Internet yet besides Al Gore? Alas, one thing […]


    We’ve always been attracted to someone with brains. Even if he or she doesn’t have any physical brains. Like Watson, the reigning mechanical champ of Jeopardy!. Watson just knows a lot of shit, and you know what? It’s hot. And we’re not alone in thinking that. As more and more robots begin enacting their evil […]

  • Double Jeopardy

    Ken Jennings, a software engineer who won 74 games in a row on Jeopardy!, is well aware of the limits of trivia. During his 2004 winning streak, the longest in the show’s history, he’d give his answers tentatively, as if he had no idea what was coming out of his mouth. When his daily earnings […]