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  • Tweedy

    BAM’s month-long Nonesuch Records tribute continues with an especially timely booking. It’s release day for Sukierae, Jeff Tweedy and his drumming son Spencer’s duo debut. They’ll perform it with a full band during the evening’s first set, followed by Dad’s solo set of Wilco tunes. Feel free to lament your own father issues throughout. Tue., […]


    Gripping virtuosity on the edge of anarchy is a compelling rockist strategy, and that’s what you get with White Denim. The Texas-based retro-futurist prog-boogie quartet kick off an unusual (for this venue) three-show run tonight. Jeff Tweedy lent a hand with Denim’s most recent album, Corsicana Lemonade, and the Wilco leader’s winning blend of classic-rock […]

  • Mavis Staples

    Husky-voiced gospel powerhouse Mavis Staples started out sharing stages with the Dixie Hummingbirds and Soul Stirrers as a member of the Staples Singers until pater familias “Pops” Staples realized that ’60s rock packed as much spiritual substance as the Christian stuff – and was a lot more lucrative, to boot. Mavis’s two most recent Jeff […]

  • Mavis Staples+Cody Chestnutt

    Husky-voiced gospel powerhouse Mavis Staples, 73, started out sharing stages with the Dixie Hummingbirds and Soul Stirrers until venerable “Pops” Staples realized that ’60s rock contained at least as much spirit. Her two recent Jeff Tweedy-produced albums continue to deliver the transcendent goods. Cody Chesnutt channeled his inner Marvin Gaye on last year’s Landing on […]

  • Jenny Owen Youngs

    Somewhere between singer-songwriter and perfect-for-TV-scores status, Jenny Owen Youngs brings youthful charm to every song she sings, no matter the thematic depth involved. With infectious melodies narrated by her sweetly earnest vocals and happy mid-tempo percussion, Youngs’ music is catchy and completely inoffensive—the kind of thing you’d absentmindedly whistle. Think a folkier Regina Spektor with […]

  • Low

    This spring marks 20 years since husband and wife Alan Sparkhawk and Mimi Parker formed Low, a band responsible for some of the best down-tempo, bucolic, introspective and heartfelt indie-rock in the years since. Just this week, they released their perfectly minimalistic 10th full-length, The Invisible Way, produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. Tonight, their intricately […]

  • Mavis Staples

    One of the most unforgettable voices in American music, soul and gospel icon Mavis Staples performs tonight with the backdrop of New York behind her as part of Lincoln Center’s “American Songbook” series. Her oeuvre contains classics “I’ll Take You There” and “Respect Yourself” that she recorded with her family group, the Staple Singers (whose […]

  • Spiritualized

    In between the spellbindingly frail “Broken Heart” and the thrilling “Electricity,” Spiritualized’s beloved 1997 album Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space ambled through territory that the Flaming Lips would eventually come to own—less psychedelic than built from the melted clocks left behind after the trip. It’s a pleasant surprise, then, to find that […]

  • moe.

    This brainy yet well grounded improv-rock quintet had the outside-guitars-meet-Americana thing down to a fine science years before Nels Cline was a twinkle in Jeff Tweedy’s eye, which perhaps explains how Sugar Hill ended up releasing their upcoming album, What Happened to the La Las. They boast not one but three mind-bending fretsmen as well […]

  • Jay Farrar

    After the breakup of Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy formed Wilco while Jay Farrar became Son Volt. No longer competing for the best barstool confession, Farrar’s solo career stalled until he reignited Son Volt in 2005, going on to do the whole quiet country collaboration thing, working with Ben Gibbard on the soundtrack for a Kerouac […]