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  • “Kodachrome”: Celluloid Deserves Better Than This

    Netflix’s Kodachrome¬†is good fall-asleep-with-the-TV-on fare, and I mean you should snooze out immediately unless you want to be subjected to a criminally mediocre family drama. It’s about a last-minute reconciliation involving a dying father (Ed Harris) and his estranged adult son (Jason Sudeikis) after a bonding road trip in which sparks fly between the son […]

  • We’re the Millers Predictably Wastes Its Stars

    If there’s one nuance mainstream comedies have yet to learn, it’s that “empathetic” need not mean “likable”‚ÄĒaudiences can feel for characters they don’t necessarily want to be. The hit black comedy Horrible Bosses, which had three angry underlings plotting murderous vengeance against their you-know-whats, should have been a master class in that distinction. The film […]

  • Epic Charms, but in the Most Traditional Manner

    Is calling a film’s narrative structure “airtight” a compliment or a pejorative? Clockwork storytelling can entertain, yet such mechanisms can also seem overly constructed, like one of those essays that gets high scores from the SAT folks. If one of those essays became an animated movie it might be Epic. This rather average-scaled adventure concerns […]


    The thought of being paired with Fred Armisen or Jason Sudeikis during a round of Match Game leaves us a bit weak in the knees. You, on the other hand, might not be as star struck as us. Find out if you could hold your own tonight when 826NYC, the nonprofit writing program for children […]


    yuk it up with Fred Armisen While we cozy up on Friday nights to watch new episodes of Portlandia, this week we’re doubling the fun with the hottest (and funniest) SNL cast member. No, not Jason Sudeikis—Fred Armisen! The funnyman, musician, and actor is back onstage doing his thing, which could mean performing covers of […]

  • ‘Stones Fest’

    Billed like its Tom Petty and Bob Dylan-focused predecessors as “a night to get drunk and celebrate the Rolling Stones,” this all-star hootenanny will find a whole mess of musicians and comedians (including Norah Jones, Nicole Atkins, Jason Sudeikis, and Justin Long) covering tunes by the Stones in what’s sure to be an increasingly sloppy […]

  • The Sexual “Revolution” Gen X Deserves in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

    A group of thirtysomethings trapped in the amber of their high school years attempt to bone their way into adulthood in A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, an ensemble sex comedy written and directed by Larry Sanders Show writers Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck. Technically the orgy of the title is conceived as the culmination of […]

  • The Farrellys Give Us One From the Shart in Hall Pass

    Rick and Fred (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) are two domesticated husbands whose long marriages (to Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate, ) have achieved somnolent routine in suburban Providence, Rhode Island. Yet the wives worry. Rick is a girl watcher; Fred masturbates in the privacy of their parked Honda Odyssey (his predicament is, throughout, the […]

  • The Bounty Hunter of Mismatched Couple Clichés

    You’ve followed their packaged romance in the supermarket checkout line—now see the movie. Jennifer Aniston’s hair plays a New York Daily News crime reporter who stumbles onto corruption at the precinct house. Gerard Butler’s scowl plays her ex, a former policeman now working as a bounty hunter. For reasons that don’t matter, she misses a […]