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  • The Outsider Is Full of Shopworn Action Flick Sequences

    The Outsider takes place in a world of endless lens flares, a J.J. Abrams–inspired visual tic as derivative as the rest of this vigilante B-movie in which no-nonsense British military contractor Lex Walker (Craig Fairbrass) returns to L.A. upon hearing of the overdose death of his daughter, Sam (Melissa Ordway). When he gets to the […]

  • Guy Maddin’s Dream-world of Ideas, Bolted Shut in Keyhole

    The latest phantasmagoria of cinematic quotation from Canadian director Guy Maddin, Keyhole is an extremely loose adaptation of The Odyssey. Jason Patric plays Ulysses Pick, leader of a two-bit gang who, carrying a nearly drowned girl on his back, returns home after a long absence. With his criminal accomplices confined to the downstairs sitting room, […]

  • That Championship Season Ain’t Got Game

    Please forgive me, sports fans, but even back in 1972, I wasn’t a big admirer of Jason Miller’s That Championship Season (Jacobs Theatre), which swept that year’s prizes—mostly, I suspect, because of A.J. Antoon’s sharp, subtly nuanced production, the members of its stellar five-man cast, all experienced theater hands, uniformly outclassing most of their previous […]

  • The Losers, Not a Winning Comic-Book Thriller

    Writer Andy Diggle dedicated his snappy DC comic books “The Losers” to ’80s screenwriting superstar Shane Black, creator of the Lethal Weapon series. But in adapting “The Losers” for film, director Sylvain White and screenwriters James Vanderbilt and Peter Berg strain to achieve the pleasurable mix of cheap laughs and expensive action that Lethal Weapon […]

  • Downloading Nancy Delves into Schizoid Realm of S/M

    ‘Life is like being trapped in the wrong house, looking for a way out,” says Nancy (an excruciatingly believable Maria Bello) in this film’s first moments. A stranger she’s met in an s/m chat room, named Louis “Deep Pain” Farley (Jason Patric), has promised Nancy the torture-‘n’-sex release she yearns for, so off she goes […]


    If tweens care enough to know where Robert Pattinson got his vampire mystique, they need look no further than Jason Patric—whose performance in Joel Schumacher’s 1987 The Lost Boys is the true origin of the screen-star heartthrob with a killer bite. Way before Twilight, The Lost Boys modernized the art of sucking blood by replacing […]

  • Awkwardness Reigns in Expired

    Despite Expired‘s many flaws, give writer-director Cecilia Miniucchi points for gamely tackling an almost unworkable conceit in her romantic-comedy debut: the awkward courtship of two thoroughly incompatible people. Homely, withdrawn Claire (doe-eyed Samantha Morton) leads a dull life as a Santa Monica meter maid, until she attracts the attention of Jay (Jason Patric), a fellow […]

  • Amateur Night in Dixie: Cat Proves It Has Nine Lives

    I don’t know where their voice boxes are located,” Maggie the Cat says of her brother-in-law’s five noisy “no-neck monsters,” early in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. On that line only, Ashley Judd’s performance rings true: This young woman clearly doesn’t know where her own voice box is located, or how to support the […]

  • NY Mirror

    Last year, the big indie movie trend, for whatever reason, was Douglas Sirk homages, and a couple of seconds ago, it was kids mutilating themselves and/or each other (Thirteen, Zero Day, Home Room, Party Monster, and soon Elephant). Well, drop your rifles and pick up your sake glasses because now it’s quirky romances with a […]

  • Sales Pitches

    A four-figure, amphetamanic, self-styled calling-card movie, Joe Carnahan’s 1999 directorial debut, Blood, Guts, Bullets & Octane, couldn’t help but beguile fest audiences and industry headhunters. The story is congealed neo-noir leftovers, the style Tourette’s-montage confrontational, and the acting (by Carnahan and his friends) hilarious bluster. Best of all, Carnahan exploited the turpitude of type-A used-lot […]