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  • When a Terrible Movie Makes for an Epic Night Out

    There are few greater pleasures than picking apart a hilariously terrible movie with your friends — which is probably why How Did This Get Made?, the podcast hosted by comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, has been going strong since 2010. The three pals (Raphael and Scheer are married; it’s all very […]

  • The Oral History of ASSSSCAT, the World’s Longest-Running Improv Show

    Every Sunday night for the past 22 years, a group of improvisers from the Upright Citizens Brigade get together for ASSSSCAT, one of the longest-running improv shows in the country. The performance is split into two parts; in each, an audience suggestion spurs an improvised monologue, which inspires a series of scenes. The show began in […]

  • Jason Mantzoukas on “The Long Dumb Road,” Finally Playing a Lead, and the Wonders of Improv

    Is Jason Mantzoukas the funniest man on the planet? He’s been consistently stealing scenes in any number of movies and shows for some time now — as the sleazebag brother-in-law Rafi on The League, the thoroughly unreliable detective Adrian Pimento on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or the emotionally unhinged neighbor Frank in last year’s unfairly-reviled Will Ferrell and […]

  • More Fat Guys Screamin’ About Pussy in Splinterheads

    Future students of early-21st-century screen comedy will be mystified by just how much film we devoted to fat guys screaming about gettin’ pussy. Jason Rogel barks the best friend part here—his complementary archetype, the awkward nice-guyish leading man, is headlight-eyed Thomas Middleditch, wincing in surprise at his own voice. Middleditch plays a no-ambition twentysomething townie, […]