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  • Pazz & Jop Comments: Top Albums and Singles

    Kyle McGovern Jay-Z, 4:44: The hip-hop Sinatra has finally made his September of My Years.  Simon Vozick-Levinson I hated [Selena Gomez’s] “Bad Liar” the first time I heard it, loved it the third time, and now believe it to be a canonically genius tribute to the timeless experience of going about one’s day with a Talking […]

  • Personal, Political, and Otherwise: King Kendrick Rules Pazz & Jop

    Remember self-brander Amanda Palmer in the last days of 2016, blitzing journos in her safe Australian home? “Donald Trump is going to make punk rock great again,” the pull quote went. “We’re all going to crawl down staircases into basements and speakeasies and make amazing satirically political art.” Er, well… Scanning the top forty albums […]

  • Jason Isbell: ‘I Thought I Understood What Everybody In America Was Like. I Was Wrong’

    Jason Isbell is searching for an ice cream cone. It’s just a few hours before an April show in Roanoke, Virginia, but at the moment the singer-songwriter is wandering around downtown and trying his best to avoid being buttonholed by fans as he searches for his afternoon sugar fix. “If I can find some,” he […]

  • Jason Isbell

    After shaking off the dust that marred his alcohol-fueled days as a guitarist for Athens sweethearts the Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell has settled into a solo career that crystalized on his fourth record Southeastern. At times uncanny in its precision, and at others, relatable in its humor, Isbell’s music has become a mirror for man […]

  • Nick Lowe+Jason Isbell

    With Global Warming melting the North Pole, who else can we turn to but Nick Lowe? The avuncular Jesus of Cool descends upon the Heart of the City (a/k/a Lincoln Center), ready to bash out the smirky Power Pop of his Rockpile days and to croon the soulful country r0ock of his later work. Lowe […]

  • Jason Isbell’s Sirens of the Ditch

    The Drive-By Truckers’ Jason Isbell has now gone solo, but he hadn’t yet quit the band while recording Sirens of the Ditch—cut with most of the current Truckers and their regular guests, the record smoothly lures and detours familiar, ’70s-based rock-blues-country sounds and expectations while highlighting Isbell’s character-actor flair. “I’m a brand-new kind of actress/I’m the […]

  • When to Say When

    A year ago, when the Drive-By Truckers pulled into the Bowery Ballroom for their biggest New York show yet, they didn’t try and put on a tight professional show. Instead they joyfully extended their story-songs with well-soused three-guitar mayhem that won the full house over. At the same venue six months later, a cadre of […]