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  • William Faulkner Enters the Collapsable Hole Garage in Chuck.Chuck.Chuck.

    Samuel Beckett once wrote: “I don’t like gloom to lighten, there is something shady about it.” He wouldn’t be disappointed with Chuck.Chuck.Chuck., Immediate Medium’s multimedia adaptation of Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, in which the bumpkinly Bundrens haul their deceased matriarch to Jefferson, Mississippi, for burial. Like Faulkner’s prose, Chuck.Chuck.Chuck. is cold, murky, relentless, and […]

  • Polythene Pan

    If you need a reminder of how great the album Abbey Road is, then go see Things Are Going to Change, I Can Feel It. But if you’re seeking thoughtful alternative theater, skip it. The show, presented by the collective Immediate Medium, is billed as an “absurdist tale” in which a Midwestern stewardess becomes president. […]