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  • CEOs: Higher and Fire

    With the election coming up, the nation’s well-heeled community of CEOs has every reason to get behind Bush-Cheney and their so-called economic recovery plan. CEO pay shot up 44 percent in 2002 at the 50 companies with the most announced layoffs. CEO median pay stood at $5.112 million in 2002, compared to $3.555 million the […]

  • Tricks and Treats

    OCTOBER 31—After surviving Gore-inspired “flash attacks” over the weekend, Ralph Nader’s campaign is now the target of a propaganda wave. One high-profile Gore partisan this morning was spreading a nasty rumor about the Nader machine. According to the scuttlebutt, Nader operatives had leaked information that the consumer advocate had been secretly offered $12 million—the amount […]