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  • Grand Slammed Is Long on Melodrama and Short on Acting

    Since its plot centers around an aspiring pro baller, and there’s an allusion to big-league glory right there in the title, it’s kind of amazing that what John Nizzari’s comic drama most noticeably lacks is baseball. What it’s got plenty of, however, is sputtering, fist-shaking, arm-flailing melodrama, none of which concerns umpires or bad calls. […]

  • After the Dark Is an Intriguing and Frequently Beautiful Story

    Formerly titled The Philosophers, John Huddles’s After the Dark is a shaggy dog story but an intriguing and frequently beautiful one. On the final day of class, a group of impossibly pretty philosophy students at an international school in Jakarta engage in thought games with their handsome teacher (James D’Arcy), mostly revolving around who would […]

  • Somewhere Slow: Midlife Existentialism — Plus a Teenage Drifter

    Jeremy O’Keefe’s sparsely plotted second feature reiterates a famous Talking Heads question of midlife existentialism (“You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”) but doesn’t offer enough in the way of subtext or mise-en-scène to fashion an answer. With zits-and-all unsentimentality, Glee‘s Jessalyn Gilsig produces and stars as Anna, a 40-ish Delaware skin […]

  • The Ambitious Sex, Love and Salsa Is a Character Study in Rom-Com Clothes

    “This is war, gentleman. The nightclub, the bar, the lounge — this is your battlefield. Women are not the enemy; they’re the prize.” Such is the philosophy of 29-year-old Julian (Adrian Manzano), who considers himself a kinder, gentler sort of pickup artist, a lady-killer free of his father’s machismo and Mystery’s misogyny. You’d be half-right […]

  • Speciesism: the Movie Is Angry but Leaves Its Arguments Unexamined

    In spite of his voiceover narration’s conversational tone, neophyte filmmaker Mark Devries lets his outrage speak throughout Speciesism: The Movie, a documentary about the ethics of consuming meat and dairy products. The film’s main contention is simple: Speciesism, the concept that people are more important than animals because they are more evolved, is wrong. That […]

  • Shouting at the Screen

    Comedians Wyatt Cenac (The Daily Show) and Donwill provide commentary to their favorite blaxploitation films at this Halloween-themed edition of Shouting at the Screen. Afterparty with DJ Tara. Thu., Oct. 31, 8 p.m., 2013

  • Breakup at a Wedding Is a Comedy With a Soft, Squishy Heart

    Those who believe weddings to be exorbitant, empty spectacles have a fair-weather friend in writer-director Victor Quinaz, whose inventive debut, Breakup at a Wedding, attempts an aloof, smirking pose but surrenders to sentimentality in the end. The setup is rom com meets reality TV: Over 28-some hours, a cynical wedding videographer (Quinaz) narrates and records […]

  • Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship Rewards Those Who Can Laugh and Wink at the Same Time

    In Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship, the obnoxious behavior of the leads is heartily indulged, gently critiqued, and eventually subjected to a rather perfunctory alteration. Enjoyment of Jeff Kaplan’s film will vary given your capacity to simultaneously laugh and wink at the hijinks of two of the least palatable characters to share screen time […]

  • Brooklyn Film Festival 2013 Picks

    Entering its 16th year, the Brooklyn Film Festival opens May 31 in a Williamsburg that has gone, in the span of a few years, from movie-theater-less to practically overrun with them. The revitalized neighborhood has seen the births of indieScreen (one of the fest’s venues), the Spectacle, the Nitehawk, Williamsburg Cinemas, and, of course, Videology, […]


    “Semiretired” journalist Chloé Hilliard has written for Essence, Vibe, and the Voice, but like most ambitious New 
Yorkers, she decided one career wasn’t enough. She now pulls double duty as a stand-up comedian and show producer, and each month she hosts Comedy Night @ indieScreen, a night of up-and-coming and established comedians. This month, she […]